Have you ever noticed that the biggest things in life are most often controlled by the smallest things? 

A cruise boat is controlled by a small steering wheel, an elevator on a tall building is controlled by 2 buttons that directs it up and down and a city traffic congestion is controlled by several traffic lights. The same goes with our life as well.

One friend of mine told me the story of his affair that started with a little Tinder chat and ended up badly with a separation. He didn't finish his story with that because he carried on explaining how all of this began in his excessive obsession over porn that he refused to control back in the days. I asked him, "If you can go back to the past, what would you change?" Instead of changing his decision to had an affair, he easily said he would prefer tried to control his porn watching habit which he believed would affect his mentality and his choice on loyalty.

I find this very crucial in our life behind the driver's seat racing against time. Most of the time we ride fast trying to get things instantly without thinking much about the smallest decision in our life that will affect how we process the bigger choices in the future. Especially when we choose speed over morality in most of our smallest decisions.

Eventually our small choices affects our ways of thinking, affecting the bigger decisions while later on affects the biggest decision. Imagine what happens when morality, loyalty, integrity or honesty isn't what we choose in the smallest areas in our life. It is very possible to find ourselves later on compromising them in the bigger areas, and eventually the biggest area.

Now we know, but it isn't just nice to know. This kind of repetitive behavior might already be planted in your system, don't let it run further. Contemplate, look back, re-examine your choices and sets of values. 

Chase big things, but start from the right small decisions. Start today.

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