The hike to Waerebo, Flores was tough. A tour guide named Pak Kornelius walked in front of me as we faced the hills for 4 straight hours, finally reaching Waerebo at lunch time. After spending a night in Waerebo, we hiked down and I found out a lot more about Pak Kornelius and his family's condition. As we bonded, we realized that I was too late to catch a public transportation back to the city. Out of his generosity, Pak Kornelius offered his simple home for me to stay even when there were lodgings nearby.  
Pak Kornelius and the family standing in front of their simple home.
Pak Kornelius works on anything he could put his hands on. During normal days he work on his uncle's farm producing corns and rice. When tourists came, he would automatically switch to a tour guide leading them to Waerebo. During the hike itself he would ask permissions from us to take some fruits or traditional herbs to be sold as food or medicines. All of this is done to support his family of 7, including his 5 kids. 

Two of his eldest are attending college in Malang which cost approximately Rp 30.000.000,- a year. The third just graduated from High School and is now working to save money as they can't afford another one to go to college yet. The two youngest are still studying in Primary School which cost the family another approximately Rp 3.000.000,- a year. 

I asked the head of the family if it was tough for him to provide and with a big smile he answered me, "It was always been the blessings from God that keeps us surviving." 

I smiled in embarrassment as I remembered the times when I forgot how far God took me up to this very day.

We talked a lot more on God, education, finance and medicines. After we had dinner with the whole family, he gave me 2 packs of traditional medicines for free to be given to my parents. I have never felt more selfish in my life as I recalled moments when I was reluctant to give.

That night, we shared a bed as they only have three bed for the whole family. Before sleep, he called me as his eldest son and said good night. I have never felt prouder in my whole life to be related to a very persistent, hardworking and humble man.

Most of the times, you don't need an ownership to give. You just need genuine kindness, and it is free.

Simple kitchen of Pak Kornelius' simple home.
Pak Kornelius' youngest daughter starred outside their home, defenseless from deadly mosquitoe bites that causes dengue fever and malaria. The 'kelambu' on top of her is their only protection at night. 

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