The state or condition of being deceived; misapprehension.
That explains how life works, mostly an illusion
The chase of a good life is nothing more but just an invention
Causing the pain I feel every night at the back of my neck, hypertension

One, illusion of beauty
You see her walking on the street, what a cutie
The next second you forgot “through better or worse”, neglecting your duty
Who to blame?
That’s what they taught us about this game
It’s called life; you only live once, YOLO, that’s what they claim
Set yourself free; don’t hate the player hate the game
Never be tamed,
But little do we know, what awaits is the path of shame
Ladies put on some more!
More makeup, surgeries, attitudes snap snap snap!
Put on some more and lose who you are, your inner core
Who to blame?
Beauty has always been about being a cutie
At least that’s what we see nowadays in movies

Two, illusions of wealth
I need more that’s why I got to work some more, Ask some more, sweep more, floors.
Really? Is that what we were destined for?
To work all our life while slowly flesh turns to corpse?
No, its not about working till you have enough, cos you will never have enough until you say its enough.
But again, who to blame?
The Wolfie, the rappers, the Great Gatsby, the Hollywood stars made it so tempting to claim.

Three, illusions of happiness
Do you like where you are now? Are you happy with what you are having?
Because happiness is far different than the concept of saving.
You think that if you save more, someday you will gain more, in short, you will be happy with just the right planning!
But the actual truth is happiness is not something you gain someday by the process of adding
It is a choice on whether to face today in whatever circumstances crying or laughing
Happiness is a choice… today.
Don’t even hope that you will be happy if you can’t manage your happiness starting from this day.
That’s how people are now.
Believing in all these illusions, losing all of our senses, until the day we almost kick the bucket.  
Or… until now.
Change of attitude, change of habitation.
Change of mindset it all begins with a reset.
A choice between the blue pill and the red pill
One leads to God’s will and the other one leads to a downhill
So which one is it? It’s yours to take; it’s your life to fulfill.
Just a reminder, happiness doesn’t come from a million dollar bill.

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