Life is not a race, its okay to stop and rest once in a while.
Life is more like a training ground. Its okay to fall, its okay to fail, but never forget to get back up again. Do not push yourself too hard or even harder than your own limits. 

There is actually a benefit in stopping and resting once in a while. That benefit is the opportunity to look around and see if you like where you are heading. If you don’t, you can always change your path or the direction where you are running.

Life is not a race, you don’t need to compete with others, compete only with yourself.
We don’t need to run faster than others even if they are going to the same direction as we are. You will never run out of faster, better, stronger people than you are in life. Imagine always pushing yourself to be better than others but failing all the time. That is not the key to success.

The key is to be faster, better, stronger than yourself everyday. 

Life is not a race, there is never one finish line for everyone. You choose your own direction and goals.
It is your life, you are responsible for it. Do not follow where everyone else is running because it seems like the right thing to do. Follow where your heart tells you to run and chase after your passion.

You can always choose to run another path, or even run off a path. There is no such thing as the wrong path, we never know what awaits us in the middle of the road.

One day, if you are standing at someplace uncomfortable, who can you blame but yourself for not chasing your own path.

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