Nothing is gained without a lost. An embarrassing example of this would be my weight gain over the last 3 months. Immediately, running was on my schedule again and diet season starts!

Honestly, it was a devastating start.

I could not lift myself up after a 7-minute workout session; I had to give up all the fast food, the Frappuccino, and the midnight gaming session because I would tend to snack while gaming.

As I wrote, nothing is gained without a lost. Life is a series of opportunities, and we all know we can only take some and lose the rest. The choices between opportunities might be easier if we know which one has a better road ahead, but most of us don't own the advantage of knowing and it can be really confusing at some point. 

Lets skip the confusions and start with the smallest and obvious options like having a healthy body or a healthy relationship. These options are positive added value in life that we should really consider having, but what comes with additions in life are also subtractions. You have to lose to gain.

To help you out, I have list some subtractions for you to consider in order to add better values in your life:
  • Losing that relationship, you deserve so much better.
  • Losing that stable job that you hated, take the risk and puruse what you dreamed of.
  • Losing that victim mentality, you are what you think you are.
  • Losing that pathetic self esteem, start seeing yourself as able and precious. 

Everyone has their subtractions to do, I hope you identified yours while reading this post. The next question is, are you willing to lose them?

Because not everything you lose is a loss.

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