4 AM, I hung up my phone after a very long conversation with an old friend. A lot of things were discussed; mainly it was a lot of catching up but truth be told, they were not pleasant to the ear. It was overwhelming to hear that a few of our friends are not in such a good path.

“He told his girlfriend to have an ABORTION, yet now they aren’t together anymore.”
“Finally he has the will to enroll in a college again. Can you believe it? We are graduating soon and he’s just getting started. He's such a FAILURE.”
Those sentences were just some of the updates I had about our mutual friends. It was that shocking.

Looking back, realizing that we came from the SAME BACKGROUND, the same education and the same lifestyle. Looking now, we are so APART by distance and CONDITIONS. I kept on questioning myself, HOW did it all happen this way?

He didn’t get the chance.”
“She doesn’t have great parents like yours.”
“She is not as smart as some of us are.”

These were the sentences that came out from my friend when I kept on asking why are all of these happening. It seemed fair, but much later it sounded more like an EXCUSE.

It is very easy to blame things on conditions and external factors such as bad parenting, financial stress, tough relationship and etc. The tougher part is taking RESPONSIBILITY of your life course no matter the condition.

“God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability,”
1 Chorintians 10:13

Isn’t this bible verse clear enough? Whatever the human race is facing right now, it is still in our CAPABILITIES. Whether its heartbreak, to the loss of someone dearly loved, God knows our capabilities. It is definitely hard and tough, but external factors are not the reason why we fail, our choices are! 

It is not the chances we GET, it's the chances we LOSE.

The CHANCE TO CHOOSE the right thing to a better life course, the CHANCE TO CUT that destructing relationship lose, the CHANCE TO MANAGE money and time more wisely. We have the CHANCE TO TAKE CONTROL of our life’s direction! But at the same time, we also get the chance to blame conditions in our life and start choosing actions that gives temporary happiness instead of long lasting solutions.

Today let this be a reminder that God is with us. He is FAITHFUL and He LOVES us. He gives everyone the same capabilities to thrive including you and me. Make a choice not to look back and blame, but LOOK FORWARD and CHANGE.

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