Excited to go home, I raced through a crowd of people to the luggage pick up area at the airport. I called my parents who picked me up as I waited impatiently until suddenly two familiar luggage showed up. I picked them up and noticed how light one of them was. After opening it, I found out that my camera and its accessories were gone.

In disbelief I checked them all over again until I was sure somebody took it from my luggage while I was enjoying my flight back home. Quickly I rushed to the security who told me the step by step of filing a lost and found report. None of them soothes me but stressed me out even more.

After filing a report, I walked out of the airport to meet my parents. Even their appealing smiles weren't enough to calm me down. I was so furious and filled with questions. Why God? I bought the camera with my own money only 2 months ago and haven't use it much since! Why me?

I entered my family car silently, starting to accept the fact that a lost and found file report might not be the solution. In fact, nothing seemed to provide a solution at that time until God spoke, offering more than just a substitution.

"It is easy for me to give you a new camera, even a better one. But right now, I want to see a different respond from a new you, a better you."

That was the click moment to me. I realized it wasn't the camera. It was me, my temper, my anger and my faith in God the whole time. 

God's very first priority was to shape me to become better everyday. Only by that would I be ready to receive more of God's blessings in my life. 

When life gives us lemons, make lemonades out of them by realizing that God is watching our responds towards things because He loves us so much to let us stay the same. The shaping taking place would be painful, shameful or even disgraceful, but remember that in the long run it would be graceful. 
Isaiah 61:7
"Instead of your shame, 
you will receive a double portion, 
and instead of disgrace 
you will rejoice in your inheritance."

Even if God doesn't substitute my camera with something materialistically better, I have already received something ideally better, a lesson that is taught by my God as my center.

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