If you don’t keep watch, time runs pretty fast. 

With every ambition we have in our heart, every dreams in our thoughts and every breath we have left, we owe it to ourselves to achieve whatever it is that gives us the thrill of life. No man is excluded in this chase, not a single person is out of this sprinting course choosing just to cheer. This is every man’s battle.

What we tend to forget is the chase for greatness doesn’t only requires speed, it also requires great amount of precision. It is true that practice makes perfect. After a few precision and speed practice, they can come together as one but none will become great with both of them before practicing their precision slowly.

What we tend to ignore is the ability to lose our self once our ambition takes over. The fast paced life takes away the ability to think, recap, revise and re-evaluate. This is what we sacrifice in the chase of greatness, our peace of mind.

The solution to this is no rocket science. Doing the opposite of what we have been doing is the only key. Taking things slow is the only way we can start finding our self again to be able to aim for a greater precision and accuracy. 

However, as practical as turning off our gadget during family dinner or resting your head without your smartphone lighting up your dark room at night, they are easier said than done. With that said, a little motivation will help you along the way. 

Think of this way, your fast chase will bring you to success, but taking it slow, will bring you happiness and contentedness. Which later will prove you that they are more valuable than success.

Take it slow.

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