No other best way to end your Flores trip by going to the exotic Komodo Island.  All you need to do is go to the Labuan Bajo port area and walk around to find the best tour guide services for you. The cost of this trip varies depending on your choices of boat, activity and accommodation. If you wish to travel low budget, sleeping on boat is very much recommended.

The kind of boat you will be living in. Very comfortable cabins inside.

Be sure to arrive in Labuan Bajo early in the morning to have some breakfast, it is usually not included in the tour package. After finding a suitable tour provider, you will hop on to a boat and went to the one of the islands of your destination. Some of the recommended islands are Rinca, Komodo, Bidadari and Kanawa. The route doesn’t really matter as long as you get a fast boat since time can be really wasted on the way. On second thought, nothing is really wasted; the boat ride was filled with spectacular views along the way!

Everyday view from the boat.

It almost felt like we are heading to Jurassic Park.

What’s amazing from the view was the barren land located in every island. There were savannas everywhere I see, more than the villagers could ever explore themselves. Only God knows what lies on everything I saw that day.

Morning view from the boat. We were surprised by the sunrise while heading to Kanawa Island.
The calm sea and the sandy beaches in Kanawa are calling for you.
Turquoise sea nearby a beach in Bidadari Island.

If you wish to see the komodo dragons, you can find them in Rinca Island or Komodo Island. Each entry to the island requires visitors to pay for the entrance ticket and a tour guide. Both islands require hiking but a lot of people recommended us to go to Rinca since it is easier to spot these komodo dragons. Rinca Island is also closer to Labuan Bajo, which made it even a better, and safer, destination compared to Komodo Island. With that said, you still don’t want to miss the Pink Beach located in the Komodo Island. If you wish to do so, you can directly ride the boat to the beach. This way you won't need to do any hiking and therefore you don't need to pay extra for the entry fee in Komodo Island. 

A cold blooded komodo dragon resting under the shade of a lodge in Rinca Island.
A few guides mentioned to us that June or July is not a good time to see the Komodo. These months are the starting of their mating season which made them harder to find. Even the guides never found their hiding place.

Hiking in Rinca takes about 1 hour up to 3 hours, depending on the route you choose. The cost of a guide including the entrance fee is less than Rp 100.000,- in July 2015. If  you travel with a pack, you can definitely split the guide fee. International tourists were charged 3 times more expensive than the locals. This why you need to prepare some extra cash because the only ATM you can find is located in Labuan Bajo. 

If you ask me, I would rather spend money to see more in the islands rather than anyplace else. It was definitely more rewarding to us.

The view that greets you during the hike in Rinca Island.

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