At this point of time, the warm up is over. I was excited and hyped for my next destination in Flores, which was the spider web rice field in Cancar. Cancar is 30 minutes away from Ruteng and 5 hours away from Labuan Bajo by car. I hitched a ride with a local named Om Frans who took me to Lodok, known as the best viewing point of the whole spider web rice field area. 

The afternoon view of Cancar's Spider Web rice field.

The next day, I went to Kelimutu from Cancar which took 10 hours of driving. This was one crazy ride even for me. What you might want to do is fly to Ende which is closer than Labuan Bajo from Kelimutu. If you don't have the budget to do so, driving with your friends could still be fun, and you can stop by in Bajawa for a little hot spring action.

10 hours of driving was finally over! I reached Kelimutu Lake, also known as Danau Tiga Warna, very early in the morning to catch the sunrise view. Arriving early at 5 AM is the best time since you will need another 30 minutes to walk from the parking spot to the lake. Fogs were everywhere and I was freezing from top to bottom, but the hike to the lake warmed me up a bit.

And everything was paid off!
Monkeys and one of the famous Kelimutu Lake.
A friend of mine posing with the 2 other Kelimutu Lakes in blue and white color on the left side. 
(Photo by @maxteterro)

See you in my next Flores trip post!

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