I just love this quote. It simply destroys every reason not to give kindness. One of the top reasons I've ever heard is not having enough for themselves! You know what, no matter how small, it is never wasted

As a teacher, I look for every opportunity to embedded this into the head of my students. By the time I was given a responsibility to held a fund raising event, the envision of the finish line was what kept me and the team strong. Finally that vision came to past. We managed to collect enough money to help the less fortunate rebuild 4 houses alongside with a foundation called Habitat For Humanity. Last Saturday, we took part in building those houses. 

Bending steel to make the house pillars.

The house that we painted. It took us half a day!

Some of us in during our selfie break.
Honestly, I didn't have much chances to take pictures because all of us were so into our duties. We painted a house, digging foundations, passing up rocks and so much more! Our big group was divided into 2 groups, one for painting, the other one for working on building the house foundation. It was a lot of fun at first, but it was very tiring at the end! 

Other than building houses, we spent some time with the local kids. Teaching them whatever we can in our spare time, hoping it would somehow impact their lives.

A quick lecture about the solar system.
One of the friendly local kid. We call him 'Gonzales'. The land he is sitting on is actually his soccer 'field'.
Some of us with the local kids. Can you spot one Cherrybelle fans?
Best investment anyone can ever make.
They didn't scream for ice creams, but we gave one to every kids anyway.
It was very profound to me that they needed better education, morally and academically. They do have a school nearby, but whats more than just academic education are socialization skill and the knowledge of the etiquette system to advance more in the society. Hopefully we brought positive impacts they can model in their own lives.

We really hope to come back! Seeing the direct impact we had in the life of these people was priceless. It makes me wish to be able to do something more. I guess we can all do something more.

Full team!
Thanks to everyone involved! Starting from students, teachers, school leaders, habitat for humanity representatives, ibu-ibu warung and local kids, thank you SO MUCH! Find out more on how you can help by going clicking here.

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