One of the hardest thing in my life is finding the right fit. I am not even sure if its my body or just my insecurity but I always found myself walking back and forth to the fitting room with the same design but different sizing. Shopping for one piece of t-shirt could take me about an hour, true story! No wonder why shopping is not my thing.

Don't you just wish life fits you perfectly the same way as your favorite sweater? Your career is on track directly after graduation, found the love of your live, date him/her for 3 years and marry her in the middle of your twenties?

Those seems to good to be true for most people. You might have your own version but we can all agree that we want life to fit well with us.

The harsh truth is life changes for nobody. Life is a stubborn kid that listens to no one. Always, it is our part to change or even adapt to survive. With this said, when life doesnt fit, we need to change so that we fit in the life that we want to have.

Working as an announcer, I have heard and received emails telling crazy life stories that should never happen to anyone, but it did anyway! I have heard an affair stories of a married couple, people with gender identification issues opening up their dark past life and brokenhearted girls with no hope to even fall in love again. Life didn't fit the way they want it, but I was always happy to had the chance to counsel them. To remind them of the bright future they should have if they believe and willing to work and adapt to fit the life they are facing at the moment.

Not all of them made it, a few of them do. Fitting in and adapting are tough works, a few of them made it.

I might not have the chance to hear your stories, but since I do have the chance to put you into my perspective, I hope that you remember it is our duty to fit the life as it is. To adapt, to survive and not to blame it on life. 

Life will never change according to how you want it without you working to make it how you want it.

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Olivia Fabrianne said...

Couldn't agree more. Sometimes to make life fits with us, we need to work hard. But again, it depends on God's will. Even we've already worked hard to achieve our dreams, we still need to fit it with God's will :)

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Thank you :)