I would say that this is my craziest obsession achieved so far. On top of everything on my list is doing a sky dive, so doing paralayang isn't actually that far off. After talking to some friends, we decided that it would be one of the coolest thing to do to celebrate Indonesia's independence day on the 17th of August 2015.
Finally having wings for the first time.

The site is called Puncak Paralayang, it is one and a half hour drive from Jakarta. It is located on the KM 90, very close to the well known Atta'awun Mosque. It was shockingly close because we thought it would be further than the Puncak Pass, yet we reached the site at about 9 AM. 

The view from the top.
Since we booked earlier for the experience, we didn't have to queue the long line. This is probably what you should do to skip the long wait. While waiting, prepare your camera. If you fancy a sportcam, you can rent on site which comes with a free 8 GB SD Card for you to take home. If you can settle with your camera phone, purchase a selfie stick and tie your phone to it with a rubber band to make sure it sticks there. Below you will find the list of pricing you need to know:

1x Paralayang: Rp 350.000,-
1x sportcam rent + 8 GB SD Card: Rp 150.000,-
 Selfie Stick purchase on site: Rp 100.000,-

Even at 9 AM the site was already very crowded, but coming earlier is not suggested. Our guide says that the wind is at its best at 10 AM. That is when I started flying.

Full gear. Should have worn something warmer, the wind is crazy cold up there!

When the wind was right, I was rushed to run to the very edge of the take off site. It was quite a thrill for a few seconds, but after you calm yourself down, you just can't stop yourself from smiling. The wind is crazy cold so you might want to wear a jacket before going up there. Eating breakfast 2 hours before doing paralayang is very much recommended. 

The experience itself took approximately 6 minutes. After landing, a free transportation will take you back up to meet your group. It took me another 10 to 15 minutes. Overall, it was worth the wait and money.

Feeling as happiest as I can be.
Not forgetting the celebration! We took pictures with our national flag just to show off how proud we are of our country. Indonesia is where I was born and raised. Even if I may not know where I'm going to be in the future, I will always know a nation that I will fight for the rest of my life.

Happy 70th Independence Day Indonesia! Hoping for more chance to fight for a better society justice in this Indonesian soil.

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