Having schedules noted in my calendar helps, but sometimes taking a look at them gets me frustrated. I have been juggling priorities in the last 2 years now, mixing college, work, ministry, writing and social life at the same time. I found myself changing to 8 places in one busy day being productive from 6 AM to 1 AM the next day. Everything is moving fast for me, but I want it to stay that way for now. 

I love  being productive, who doesn't? We get our things done quickly, rest better at night and chill without feeling bad about not doing anything productive the whole day.

In our ever changing schedules everyday, we adore our productivity but stress over the tensions. Not forgetting the traffic, the daily detours that pops out of nowhere and the ever increasing information whether its good or bad. Recently these information has been a bad one. US dollar has been strengthening in such major force leaving Indonesia pointing fingers to political figures. Prices going up and major changes start to happen.

To add more tensions, the people around us definitely change! In the middle of our activities everyday, we still need to deal with social issues whether it is love life, raising a child or even ministry relationship.

Whats worse than all of those bad changes is forgetting the fact that our God is forever constant. Our hectic schedule tends to lead us to forget that we have a God that doesn't change even through it all. 

Malachi 3:6a
I the Lord do not change. 

Isn't it soothing to know the fact that our God is still a loving God that we fell in love with years or months ago? We all know where we came from. I am standing where I am today because I fell in love to a God that loved me first with a grace so abundantly. Remembering that He is still the same God as he was, helps us to know that He is still, and will, always care.

More than just staying the same, I believe that we are more than honored to keep the promises of a faithful God

We can say that a person is faithful when he fulfilled what he has promised. Without a promise, we don't have any assurance but a blank hope and expectations. Without fulfilling the promise, we are merely dealing with  a liar. With both of these components combined together, rest assured that our life is filled with future and hope that God promised to fulfill in our life.

Numbers 23:19
God is not human, that he should lie,
not a human being, that he should change his mind. 
Does he speak and then not act.
Does he promise and not fulfill?

In the midst of whatever is changing in our life, do we not have a true hope that surpasses all understanding and logic? Do we not have a loving God that is constant even through it all? 

Most often the battle is not about the things we face in life, its about the things we count on the most. Are you counting on your savings? Work positions? Insurance account? Or even brain capacity

Do they hold a greater accountability than our constant and faithful God? 

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