Bromo is not Indonesia's tallest mountain, but it sure is one of the most famous. By carrying the title 'travel junkie', I have always been ashamed of admitting that I've never been there. Finally I got the chance to do a one day Bromo trip in the middle of September 2015.

After looking at some tour providers, I settled with Cak Ferdi's tour I found on Instagram. The trip costs me Rp 475.000,- with lists of facilities included on the link provided. Overall it was a pleasant trip!

We arrived in Surabaya at 9 PM and were directly picked up by the tour's driver at the airport. Straight we went to Bromo with a few stops in the middle. After 5 hours on the road, we reached a guesthouse nearby Bromo where we got ready to view the sunrise. 

From the guesthouse we rode for another hour in a tiny yellow jeep to the sunrise viewing spot called the 'Sunrise Penanjakan'. The sunrise started at around 6 AM but people started coming as early as 2 AM. Soon enough, the viewing spot was crowded with international and domestic tourists.

Be sure to pack some warm clothes as the temperature can drop down to 15 degree Celsius. Nevertheless, the stars lit up the night beautifully and the sunrise gave us some warmth in exchange of the cold night. 
The beautiful exchange.
The warmth and the sight.
Good morning from Penanjakan Viewpoint!
A very interesting souvenirs you can get from this spot is the dolls made from flowers. It was so cute, I almost bought one! From what I heard, these dolls are made out of Edelweiss flowers which are actually endangered plants. Which means, buying one would mean more cutting of these flowers for further production. Your pick!
The temptation to buy one.
Right after that, we quickly went back to our jeep and rode for another hour to the Crater of Bromo which was located in one spot with the Temple of Luhur Poten. In the middle of the way, we stopped by a savannah and took a lot of photos! With the cars passing by, it felt like a scene from Mad Max all of a sudden. 
Bromo still, early in the morning.
Bite the dust!
Mad Max? Or Mad Love?
Bromo's kind of morning rush hour.
I noticed an offering totem nearby and asked our driver of what it was. Turns out the majority of people nearby were Buddhist.
Local offering for the Gods.
Upon realizing we spent too much time on this stop, we continued to our next spot. Not long until we were surrounded by horses for rent. You don't need a horse if you are an active person, but I guess we were bunch of lazies. One round trip to the bottom of the Crater of Bromo costed us Rp 80.000,-. It was a reasonable price since it was quite a long distance.
This was my horse. His name was Donny and his hobby is to poop all over the place. True story.
The long way to the crater. Notice the building on the left side, that is the temple people weren't very interested to visit.
After arriving at the bottom of the stairs, we noticed the presence of an unsual box. Turns out it was used as a counter of the movement of the crater. This box is so important that it even predicts upcoming danger from the active volcano.
The Pandora Box?
Some said the stairs to the top of the crater has 200 steps, some other said it has 250 steps. I bet everyone tried to count the steps but gave up in the middle because there were just too many. I tried and failed. To justify my failure, I would like to believe other people failed to count as well. Nevertheless, the top view was priceless.
Tired comrade reaching the last step.
The infamous stairs of death. Not really.
Catching my breath at the top.
What's ironic was this sign that says keep the place clean. It was damaged and surrounded by trash. Travelers, where is your contribution? True travelers know better than this.
Slow clap, standing ovation.
Back on the trip! Our last spot was the Telletubies Hills and the Savannah Field, but since it was lunch time, we chose to look for food nearby the tourism spot. Not to worry, even in the dusty field, the lunch was great! 

The view awaits us in our last destination was even better. At this point of the day, the sun was very warm and the wind was cool. We took off our sweaters and jackets to take better picture in a more fashionable manner.
Fresh air, nothing like the big cities.
Our jeep face to face with the Telletubies Hill.
"And the hills are alive, with the sound of music..."
Because you can spot happiness anywhere.
The trip ended at 11 AM. Even though short, it was very much memorable as it was the vacation craved so much. Please wait for more to come as I travel to Belitung next week for some quality time with my parents! 
See you on my next post!

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