Welcome to Jalan Surya Kencana, Bogor! The street was quite empty during the day, but make sure to leave before dinner time if you can't stand a crowd. 

After enjoying the first half of our day in Puncak flying with paralayang, we decided it was too early to go home. Bogor sounded perfect to end the thrilling flying adventure we had.

Upon arrival at 5 PM, the road was still quite empty but filled with food vendors on both sides!

The smell caught our attention from a far. Can you imagine the smell too?

Rp 10.000,- for 1 piece. Worth the price?

Ngohiang Asli Gg Aut

One of the famous non-halal restaurant we've heard was Soto Mie Agih. We went there and enjoyed the Nasi Campur and Soto Mie with pork beef. It was such a tasty experience with affordable prices. A definite place worth visiting in Bogor!
Nasi Campur Agih
Soto Mie Bakut
The famous Soto Mie Agih!

On the way back to our car, a crowd of people were blocking the way. Turns out they were queuing for a taste of this 'Wedang Ronde' and 'Seblak Khas Bandung'. I didn't manage to try them because I was too full but it sure was a local attraction that you might want to taste.

Wedang Ronde Gang Aut.
Something I've never seen in Jakarta! Feeling like trying something hot and spicy?

Other than all those food above, you might want to look for Kue Rangi and Kue Teteh for your desserts. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get pictures of them before my friends finished them all. We owe it all to these restaurants for a happy tummy ending at the end of our one-day getaway in Bogor. As you might have heard before, happy tummy, happy life.

The crowded Jalan Surya Kencana during dinner time.

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