37 days since my last trip. I am dying on the inside.

I have never been a passive person my whole life and the 9 to 5 life is killing me while all I could do to delay my death is looking at old trip photos and videos. That is when I found these videos of some exotic animals I've encountered and decided to compile them.

I found these animals mostly in Sulawesi but it has some footage from Flores and Borneo as well. Some of these animals were found in deep waters during my dives. You will find some of them really dark and unstable since all I used was a gopro camera against the deep water current. It made me crave for more underwater photography equipment. 

Back to the video! Enjoy it and find the descriptions and pictures of each footage below it. 
1. The cute turtles in the video was found in Sangalaki Island, 3 hours of boat ride away from Tarakan Airport in North Borneo. These turtles are endangered due to dynamite fishing boat and local predators. Sadly, these predators include humans.

2. Fish feeding in the open water of Derawan. During low tides, these fishes are visible in huge quantity, making it easy for us to attract them with bread crumbs, biscuits or pellet.
3. As dangerous as it is, a lion fish is always a beautiful sight to me. There is something attracting about danger right? Lionfish are very venomous. Its spine is able to deliver harmful toxins to any creature touching it. Yet, if you remove the spines, they make delicious food. However lets not forget how dangerous it is. Many environmental protection organizations have been trying to reduce their rapidly increasing population! Apparently its the season of lionfish hunting.

4. One of my diving mission in Tanjung Bira was to see sharks! Thanks to the calm current, it was very much possible. During one of the dive, I didn't even need to dive deep since the sharks were visible from a snorkeling point of view. The sharks I encountered were white tip, black tip and trevally sharks! One of them was as close as 3 meters to me.

Interesting fact: the dive masters told me that male sharks would bite the gills of the females to keep them stable during mating. Tough love!

Mating bite marks.
5. Buffalo fight in Rantepao was definitely a sight! The field was packed with cheering and betting audiences. The higher stakes bets were done from a viewing tower set up nearby. The hype was beyond Stevie Wonder's concert.

6.This small stingray was spotted in Tanjung Bira. Local fishers told me that they are one of the friendliest creature in the sea. A local fisherman removed a stuck plastic bag from a stingray and the it replied by flapping its wings and showing its face to him.

A grateful expression of a stingray.
7. I was very lucky to spot my first sea snake in Tanjung Bira! These snakes can hold their breath for hours and therefore only visible in shallow waters as they need to take their breath once in a while. As poisonous as they are, these snakes have short fangs and they are unable to bite through diver’s suits very easily!

8. Kakaban Lake was so much memorable. Although it was packed full of people, these fresh water jellyfish outweigh them all. They are touchable because they migrate from the salt water to the fresh water and adapt through the changes.

Playing with the jellyfish in Kakaban Lake.
9.  More sea turtles were spotted in snorkeling sites around Komodo Island. These turtles lay up to 200 eggs, depending on the species. Even so, like mentioned above, these sea turtles are still endangered. 

10. Tanjung Bira was filled with a lot of big stuffs, diving there was very fulfilling! One of them was lobsters. I couldn't get a better video of it since the current was dragging us fast and a lot of them was found hiding in between corals. Lobsters are more of a travel junkie than a lot of us. They travel more than 100 miles every year and live up to 100 years old. Beat that! 

Thanks for jumping in today! Now please excuse me as I rush to catch my flight to Surabaya for a half-day Bromo trip that will be written in my next post. Have a blessed Eid-ul-Adha for those who are celebrating! For those who don't please enjoy the one day holiday as you escape the torture of 9 to 5.

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