Years of education didn't prepare me for this truth

I was a well behaved student, a scholarship recipient and a former student council president. I thought my life was well on track. Growing up, I started learning to balance work and university education. I thought I was an overachiever at that point of time. A repeatedly asked question on 'how is it possible' came up to me hundreds of times. It was almost impossible to contain the pride that was growing inside of me.

Everything seemed fine until the last year of college. People started to wonder what to do next and I began to question the same thing. Many decisions were made during that year, such as switching 4 jobs in a year. I can't really say that they were good decisions. 

Depressed, I became an insomniac with unhappy thoughts floating around my head every night. Where am I supposed to go next? What am I supposed to do for the rest of my life? How am I going to make myself happy? The last question was the most crucial because I wasn't as happy as I wished I would be. 

Turns out I wasn't the only one. Explained by The Huffington Post brilliantly, a lot of us are unhappy due to the perspective we choose to see ourselves. To me it was thinking that 'I am SPECIAL'.

The truth is, we are not special. At least for now. And the moment we found out the truth, it hurts. In fact, you will be shocked by the reality that people don't even care how special we think we are.

Parents always wanted the best for us, and often they would tell us how special we are, how smart we are or how good looking we are. Some are true, but we have to accept that some are just white lies thrown to build our self esteem. 

I am not a parent yet and thus this is not to blame anyone's parenting skill. This is to say you can't count on the fact that your parents think you are 'special'. Being special in their eyes will not make you special in the eyes of everyone else

The world needs a solid proof that we really are special. Show it to them! Not by telling everyone how special you were, but by being consistent in doing the best in which you are most special of. Who knows, maybe one day you will really be special in the eyes of your friends, colleagues and partners.

Fast forward to 2015, now I realize even though I was once special in school, the hustle should never stop. Of course this realization adds up another valuable life lesson: if you don't GRIND, you won't SHINE.

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Ron said...

Memiliki banyak pencapaian dibanding orang seusia kita, memang seringkali menjadi beban tersendiri..
Orang-orang mulai berharap lebih dan kita secara tidak sadar berusaha mengejar ekspetasi mereka. Ya, aku juga pernah merasakannya tetapi seiring waktu aku menyadari seperti hukum Murphy bahwa manusia pasti melakukan kesalahan dan itu bukan hal yang buruk.

Semoga kamu juga bisa melewatinya dengan baik :)

Demas Ryan said...

Thank you for your thoughts Ron!