Since Belitung has so many places to offer, 2 days were definitely not enough to cover everything! Sure we covered the beaches, ocean and the seafood, but we have not covered the landmarks yet. It was so good to have another day to cover them all, Especially those landmarks in East Belitung! The trip ended to be very educational and inspiring!

East Belitung is the location of Jakarta's mayor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama's (also known as Ahok) house and many film sets for the Rainbow Troops (Laskar Pelangi) movie. My parents were excited to see Ahok's house and I was looking forward for the sleep along the ride since it would take 1.5 hours to reach East Belitung. Don't judge me, the trip was super fun, yet exhausting!

Our first stop was the Muhammadiyah elementary school which was one of the film set in Rainbow Troops. Though I was a big fan of the movie, honestly, this place was not as exciting as I thought it would be. The ticket was Rp 5.000,- per person and we spent 30 minutes looking around the school, taking pictures and imagining ourselves in the actual movie.
The real bicycle used by Ibu Muslimah in the movie scene.
Muhamaddiyah Elementary School.
Mom, national heroes and idiot vandalism on the wall.
Took me back to Monday flag ceremony at school.
Nearby from our first stop was the Museum Kata by Andrea Hirata. Andrea Hirata is the famous writer of the sequel of the Rainbow Troops. This achievement has pushed him to inspire locals in his hometown, Belitung, to shine through writing and battle illiteracy. Therefore, he established the very first Indonesia's first literature museum located in East Belitung. From the entrance door, you will find yourself enchanted by the colors.
Welcome to Museum Kata!
Britney Spears spotted!
Mini stage for locals to build confidence by performing and expressing themselves through literal art.
What was interesting to me was Andrea Hirata's passion for a better Indonesia that is greatly expressed and echoed throughout the building. Some are shown through these educational yet humorous quotes.
Just Bobby McFerrin being himself.
More important than the our first step on the moon?
This explains the love and hate relationship between students and their teachers.
Indonesian pride!

Because maybe she's just a phone call away.
All his passion in writing sparked since Andrea Hirata was just a kid. He promised to write and finish a book about his friends and teachers in the struggle they had during the colonization period. Thus, born the book Rainbow Troops, which tells stories of the ones who never gave up chasing their dreams.
The Rainbow Troops, one of the many Indonesian pride.
The trip to Museum Kata turns out to be very inspiring to me. Born in me a greater passion to serve Indonesia to achieve a better education.

Next stop was the Kampoeng Ahok located in front of Ahok's house in Belitung. Kampoeng Ahok is a souvenir store that sells many merchandises with Ahok's figure on it.
Kampoeng Ahok.
After tasting some snacks from Kampoeng Ahok, we decided to cross the street to enter the gates of Ahok's house. Whenever Ahok isn't around, visitors are only allowed to stay outside of the house. Inside the gate, you will find a batik shop that sells and teaches visitors to create their own batik!
Ahok's residence in Belitung.
The batik shop inside Ahok's residence.
Batik in the making.
Batik stamps.
Not satisfied with just seeing a batik shop, I took a peek inside his house and put my camera through the open window to take a few snaps. All of a sudden a door was open and a lady came out of that room and saw me peeking inside! I remember having feeling scared until she welcomed us inside to take better pictures. This very pleasant lady is Ahok's mother, Mrs. Buniarti Ningsih. 

After a short chat and a picture with her, we ended up giving each others phone number for a business purpose. By business I meant auctioning her phone number to the highest bidder! Send me an email to bid!
Parents, Mrs. Buniarti Ningsih and I.
Joking aside, her phone number's safe with us so don't bother sending me an email. However, please do drop a comment and tell me which places that I missed during my trip to Belitung!

PS: In case you missed it, check out part 1 and part 2 of my Belitung trip as well.

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