Life in Belitung is very much a laid-back one. It was pretty weird waking up to the sound of chirping birds instead of the honking cars. That was how splendid the start of our second day in Belitung before we hop on to a boat for our own island tour! 
As explained in my previous post, I wasn't fully satisfied with the beaches I saw on my first day in Belitung. When you've traveled to the beaches on the East sides of Indonesia the others would look pale in comparison. That was why I look forward to the island tour since the beginning of day 1.

We hop on to a speed boat from Tanjung Kelayang to start our island tour. The boat itself cost us Rp 500.000,- gasoline included. For snorkeling activities, we rented googles, fins and live jacket for another Rp 65.000,- per person. The cost is quite high since there were only 3 of us and bargaining was not an option for these vendors. 

If you are lucky with the weather condition, the island trip has so much more to offer. We were not so lucky with ours since the weather that day was gloomy and cloudy. The tide was even higher than expected at some places!

Don't be shy, roll it up!
Other than the weather, everything else was superb! One of the most memorable island was the Kepayang Island. This is where almost everyone stop by for lunch! There are 2 very cozy restaurants located in the island. Kepayang Island is also filled up with home stay facilities made out of tents and bungalows. Of course, these home stays located in a prime area will not fit your typical backpacking budget.

Seafood menu only!
Bungallow's backdoor view.

The island also has a turtle conservation center. Although it said turtles, they have more than just that such as chipmunks, night owl, and monkeys. Sometimes Kepayang Island is also visited by biawak which makes the lunch menu more interesting for the locals living there. Population control, they said.

Noisy owl.
Two of the many turtles in the conservation center.

Kepayang is also well know for having animal shaped gigantic rocks. Specifically, a turtle and a humpback whale shaped gigantic rocks. See for it yourself!

Whale shaped gigantic rock.
Turtle shaped rocks. Tell me it isn't just my imagination!
The lunch wasn't the best and the cheapest we had in Belitung. Be sure to bring extra cash to the island since lunch costs approximately Rp 100.000,- per person. Nevertheless, the ocean view and the animals were fun to watch!

Off we went to Lengkoas Island where the famous lighthouse is located. Snorkeling while fish feeding around Lengkoas Island is highly recommended. The locals sell biscuits that you can use to feed the fishes while they swim charmingly all over you. At that time, I really wished I had an underwater camera with me.

After we ran out of biscuits, we rode the boat to the shore of the Lengkoas Island. The wind was very strong but the excitement of seeing a lighthouse for the first time was even stronger. Too bad we couldn't come in because it was under construction.
From a far.
The view from Lengkoas Island.
My first sight of a lighthouse.
The lighthouse was left by the dutch from 1882.

While walking to the other side of the island, we found a small forest called the Hutan Asmara. With a little effort along the way, we found a hidden paradise at the very end of the forest.

Such a cheesy name. The name came from its reputation of being the forest mostly visited by couples.
Alice in Wonderland?
Even this branch is almost shaped like a heart!
The view at the end of the forest hike.
Good bye Lengkoas!

Lengkoas Island was the last island we visited. Although we visited a lot more small islands, Lengkoas and Kepayang were the 2 most memorable ones for me. The island hopping finished at around 4 PM as we head back to Belitung for dinner. 

A belated birthday shout out to my awesome Mom who was having her birthday on that day!

Happy birthday Mom!

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