As one of Indonesia's beautiful beaches, Belitung lived up to its reputations. In the last week of October, the trip to this island on the east coast of Sumatra was made. After a 45 minutes of flight, the warm sun greeted me in such a way I could never forget. 

Belitung is a small island with very little quantity of public transportation. The best way for tourists to explore is by renting a motorcycle or a car. Ojeg or taxi would be your very last option. Since this was a family trip, we rented a car with the driver along to give us a tour. This gave much more cost efficiency for us rather than paying for a tour.

Directly after our afternoon flight, we visited Tanjung Kelayang. At this point of time, the sun was at its highest point but yet the wind cool the weather down. It was the perfect time to enjoy a few coconuts while chilling with your loved ones. That was exactly what we did here. 
The strong wind blew through the palm trees while the ocean waves play along.

The view from the local shop as we sip on our coconuts.
Belitung is known for its gigantic rocks in the middle of the ocean. We found our first rocks in Tanjung Kelayang. This beach was the starting point of the island hop tour around Belitung. That is why a lot of shops and transport boats are located around it.

Stronger than the waves.
Autumn leaves.
"Care to join me for an afternoon chill?"
At first sight, I wasn't really satisfied with Tanjung Kelayang, but a few walk changed it all. The beach was quite and calm with no other visitors crowding the place. The sands were soft as I walked barefooted embracing the feel.

Even after Tanjung Kelayang, I felt like there must be something more than this in Belitung. After asking some locals around, they told me that I will find something more further north. So we went to Tanjung Tinggi which was the location of a scene shot in an Indonesian movie called Laskar Pelangi.  
Placard sign indicating Tanjung Tinggi as the film site of Laskar Pelangi.
Turns out the beach was popular for tourists, especially families. As you can see above, the beach has even more gigantic rocks that looks even better with the coming of the dawn.
Parents' unofficial honeymoon photo shoot.
Look closer, see every man's expected future.
Passed the rocks, down to the beach we found more than just a great photo sites. Just right then we heard children's laughter and joy all over the air while they play with their parents in the water. Tanjung Tinggi was definitely a place where relaxing families should be.
"Daddy look at me!"
Turns out, the reason for all the family gatherings were the locals businesses. They were renting out water toys such as rubber canoe, snorkeling googles up to water bicycle. Everything is affordable from Rp 25.000,- up to Rp 100.000,-, which of course you can bargain for a cheaper price.
They even rented out swimming trunks!
First time experience with this ride!
All the fun we had ended with a beautiful sunset on Tanjung Tinggi beach! At around 6, we head out of the beach to find ourselves a good dinner to experience local cuisines. Our day 1 in Belitung was indeed very well spent.
As the sun goes down, the crowd goes home.
We couldn't wait for more beaches and gigantic rocks as we are going for the island tour on the next day. But that's it for now, more Belitung trip will be posted next week! 
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