It feels so good to travel again! Can't lie, but I found hard to sleep the night before, even when it was just a short trip to a pine forest. Almost felt like meeting someone you love after a long distance relationship.

Gunung Pancar pine forest.

The trip to this well know pine forest was quick. It took me and a friend one and a half hour guided by a Google Maps location. The drive was relaxing as I was traveling with an old friend of mine, the place was very easy to spot without much hassle. The only inconvenience we had was when we found out Google Maps lead us straight to the mountain instead of finding a way to get to the mountain. However, it only took us 15 minutes to get back on the road with a friendly help from the locals.

Upon arrival, we were amazed. It wasn't my first pine forest trip, yet there was something enchanting, mysterious yet romantic about Gunung Pancar. Yes, hate me for being a hopeless romantic.
Standing tall.
The place was beyond words. Small enough to walk through the entire area, yet filled with surprises. The entry fee is Rp 10.000,- per person and you are allowed to park your vehicle anywhere on the side of the road.

"I see trees of green..."

The forest was quiet and peaceful that day. The rain earlier that morning gave a fresh dirt smell that I love. Turns out we weren't the only one attracted by the beauty! Soon enough we bumped into some people that we talked to. Only after a few observations, we found the top 3 reasons of people coming to Gunung Pancar.

1. Bicycle riding
Trail biking. Ride at your own risk.
Or even a little fixie bikes ride with the squad! These guys were training for an upcoming bike skid competition.

2. Quality Time
What can I say? The forest was perfect for it! Whether it's a short picnic or a walk in the park, being away from the traffic and phone signals are the best quality time conditions.

3. Photo Opp Hunt
As a newbie photographer, I would say that the photo opportunities here were effortless. It didn't take me much editing for these pictures I posted since the forest provided excellent shades, colors and lights everywhere we go.
A different kind of romance.
I love how these wires were so vintage yet romantic. It might be just me, but oh well.
"Stop looking for help anywhere else, start looking up."
The trip was short yet a refreshing getaway from Jakarta. The forest was clean, uncrowded and safe. If you wish to visit, lets keep it that way shall we?
Shout out to my high school buddy, Jordy Luberizky. He's an aspiring photographer and engineer, currently studying in German. Check him out!

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