This is not a usual summary of 2015 with all the nice things in it. Not because I despise that kind of writings, its just that 2015 wasn't all about the glory days for me. In fact, it ended with a lot of goodbyes, confusions, heartbreaks and uncertainties. I believe some of you may find that statement relatable.

Through all of that experiences, I came upon a realization that I'm still a kid. Of course people ask a lot of questions to me, mainly asking for love advises, yet I managed to grab a hold unto the fact that I'm still a kid. I'm a 23 year old kid, trying to make sense of this limitless world with all of my in-capabilities and immaturity. Surely, I do not know about a lot of things. Needless to say, I am inexperienced and this world can be scary place to explore! 

Looking back through times, I remember a different kind of perspective I had when I was a smaller kid. I remember jumping from a sofa to another sofa imagining that the house floor was a lava pool with no chance of surviving once you fell to it. I remember being chatty and talking to everyone I could talk to, even strangers. I remember standing up to a bully and eating lunch with the bullied. I remember being brave. 

Then I ask myself, "am I still a brave kid?"

Growing up takes a lot courage. Sometimes in the middle of the process, bravery is being chipped away from us in such small portions that we don't realize ever losing a big chunk of it. I do now. 

Life is a series of stretches. Goodbyes, confusions, heartbreaks, uncertainties and every other unfortunate events happen to stretch us, to grow us. Without a stretch, there will not be room for growth. However, a stretch requires us to be brave. Being brave is the only way we could ever face the stretches we have in life to turn it into growth.
  • Imagine a kid facing his first ever school exam. Imagine him being brave enough for this stretch and finds himself ready for the upcoming academic year.
  • Imagine a kid facing her first ever public performance. Imagine her being brave enough for this stretch and finds herself ready for a bigger stage and audience. 
Imagine yourself. Being brave enough for your stretch and finds yourself ready for a bigger stretch. Although the stretches are longer, the outcome remains the same. Growth is inevitable when a stretch is faced courageously.  

This upcoming 2016, I choose to be a kid again. A brave one indeed. With my dreams and plans, I am willing to brave the stretch that is coming next year. It will be harder than jumping from sofa to sofa, but surely I am willing to jump out of my comfort zone. Harder than talking to new people like when I was a kid, but I am willing to believe in people and maybe find love again. Definitely harder than standing up to a bully and eating lunch with the bullied, but I am most definitely willing to stand up for what's right in any ways I can.

In 2016, what will your stretch be? I wish you a wonderful year ahead, but I do hope you will find next year full of stretches so that you will find yourself in a year full of growth. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks!

PS: Growth only comes with the courage to stretch and I hope to be hearing your growth stories in my email soon! Send them all to! :)

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