I'm officially in a love and hate relationship with Bali. I loved it so much, but whenever I'm back in Jakarta I hate that I love it too much. I am writing this from the 38th floor of my office building where I'm seeing a concrete jungle outside the window. Selecting these photos does help in easing off the pain. 
Current mood.
After a few days of strolling around Ubud, which you can read more about on my previous blog post, I decided I saw enough greens. It's time to say hello to the blue ocean, the raging waves and the breeze. 

Armed with my shorts and camera, off I went to visit the beaches of Uluwatu. This time I am accompanied by a fellow traveler and photographer known as The Lady Who Travels. According to her, one of the best beaches in Uluwatu is the Balangan Beach. Located on the south part of the island of Bali, it took us around 2 hours to get there. The roads are smaller nearing our destination and our hearts grew fonder of the beautiful sight awaits us. Soon, our excitement were paid off, even more than what we expected.
Balangan Beach.
Balangan was a stretch of sandy beach with cliffs on both left and right borders of the beach. On top of the cliff you can see the whole Balangan Beach and enjoy the view. Down below you can surf, sip on coconuts, play with the waves and create romantic scenes that would make the singles jealous. Yes, I was kind of jealous.

On arrival, directly we walked to the top of the cliffs. We were truly satisfied with what we saw. These photos are nothing compared to what we saw with our own eyes.
One of the cliffs of Balangan Beach.
Writing love stories on a sandy beach.
Playful mood at Balangan Beach.
The heat was extreme at that point of time. We thought we had enough of Balangan and decided to moved on to our next destination, Blue Point Beach. Different from Balangan, Blue Point has a faster pace and hype. With alcoholic drinks and great views facing the ocean, tourists would sit for hours at the diners located in Blue Point Beach. Blue Point is also well known for its strong waves that is very much suitable for advanced surfers.

If you wish to visit, remember to bring extra cash since most of these diners don’t take any other form of payment. If you are afraid to get your skin tanned, don’t even bother stepping out of the diners. The place has a heavenly view with the kind of heat that came from the hellish underground.
The waves of Blue Point Beach.
Mates, sunnies, beers and the sun. All that you need for a day in Blue Point Beach.

Looking for a better tanning spot? You can get it by renting a chair for Rp 100k!
After strolling around the diners, we found a dessert bar called the Nalu Bowls. The heat and the temptation were too strong, we impulsively decided to gave it a try. I'm not much of a foodie, but this desert caught me off guard. The taste was great, the texture was smooth and it was colder than ever! Just perfect to fight off the heat. Apparently, Nalu Bowls is a famous desert bar with many locations in Bali. We were lucky enough to spot them in Blue Point Beach.
Banana smoothie topped with granola for only Rp 60k!
The best dessert in Blue Point Beach. Shouldn't be missed.
We were done exploring the diners and bars, but we haven't seen the beach. Turns out, to go to the beach, visitors need to walk down series of stairs that might took them 10 minutes or more, depends on the traffic. This spot is indeed a tourists attraction! Even going down to the beach was quite a hustle. The traffic was even made worse by tourists carrying surf boards with them. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming anyone.
Traffic in Blue Point Beach.
More stairs. Blue Point is not for the weak.
After all the staircases, we finally reached the beach. Please note that the beach is not a good tanning spot. The beach area was actually very small, if you do not wish to play on the beach, you might as well stay upstairs on the cafe or diners. If you wish to surf, then be prepared to walk down the stairs while carrying your surf board.
A good day to be at the beach.
Surfing at Blue Point Beach.
Calm waves against the solid rocks.
All the walking was very much tiring, it was time for us to move to our last beach destination and call it a day. It was time for Padang Padang Beach. After sitting in the car for 30 minutes, we stopped by a parking lot and walked for another 5 minutes to the beach. Little do we know, there were a few more stairs waiting for us.
A few more stairs at Padang Padang Beach.
Padang Padang Beach is also a family destination. There were kids building sandcastles, parents sun tanning and a grandmother carrying her grandchild. At the same time, it is also a tourist attraction. The waves were calm and peaceful, it was a very much suitable beach for tourists to enjoy the afternoon before they head back to their lodgings.
Tourists everywhere.
Tourists-packed Padang Padang Beach.
With a good ocean selfie, comes a great risk of dropping your phone to the water.
I remember sitting on the beach, staring blankly at the ocean while listening to Musiq Souldchild and thinking on how pleasant would it be if the view I was enjoying will always be available on my own backyard.

A man could only wish for more. 
I wished I could stay for more. 
I wished I could capture more. 

And suddenly I was reminded by the fact that Bali has given me a lot more than I expected. 

Thank you Bali for the sandy beaches of Uluwatu. You are already missed!
A shoutout to my beach travel companion @theladywhotravels, a great photographer and a true lover of Bali!

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