I am a huge animal lover! Not the biggest in the world, but I am always excited for a trip to the safari or a zoo. If you followed me on snapchat, you would knew how excited I was when me and the family chose to spend a day in Bali Bird Park & Reptile Park! 

Pretty animals await!
Located in Gianyar, this place is 30 minutes away from the heart of Ubud where I stayed for the whole Bali trip. To give you a heads up, this place isn't really a low budget entertainment. Entrance fee is Rp 150k for locals and more for international tourists, which is a norm in Bali.

However, with a high price comes great entertainments! The place is well managed, clean and full of surprises. If budget is not an issue, visiting this place is a must! If distance is an issue, a shuttle bus is provided to pick you up on a specific route for only Rp 40k.
Shuttle bus route to Bali Bird Park for only Rp 40k!
New members of the family.
These birds are roaming around freely inside the park. Visitors can interact with them as they walk around the park and enjoy the scenery. The birds are placed, somehow, according to the their country origins. This way, you can follow the signs and map to meet exotic birds from all over Indonesia, even South America and South Africa!

The only tiny problem we had at the park was the smell. Some areas were full of birds' feces! It wasn't a problem to me. Maybe I was too infatuated by the animal sights all over me.

In some spots, you will find photo spots where you can take photos with the birds. Every photos are free as long as you took it with your own camera. The staffs will take photos of you which will be available in printed version if you wish to purchase them.
Awkward or thrilled?
Signs all over the place.
Scary looking bird.
Cassowary bird.

Fun pelican fact: its spacious beak is able hold 3 buckets of fish!
One of the parks' area that was memorable to me was Sumatra. It was where I had the chance to take selfies with these giant hornbills all over me! One of them kept on trying to bite my hair! Nevertheless, these photo spots were great for visitors from all ages.

Very helpful and friendly staffs!
This should be an unforgettable experience for this couple!
There are daily activities and shows around the park. We were lucky to spot Basic Instinct. This show had eagles to kites and owls to falcons swooping and flying all over the arena with guidance from their trainers. I enjoyed the part where the MC called a visitor and put bird food on his hear. After an instruction was given, an eagle swooped in and took the food off his head with such accuracy!

Some other shows available were:
  • Bali Rainforest
  • 4D Avian Theater
  • Komodo Experience
  • Guyu Guyu Corner
  • Papua Rainforest Feeding
  • Lory Feeding
  • Meet the Birdstars
  • Pelican Feeding
Each of these shows are available on different schedules. If you wish to view a certain show, make sure to check their website before planning your visit.     
Two parrots from the show.
What a great show! Thanks to this bilingual MC and these skilled trainers!
The bird park was amazing and I wasn't even done exploring the reptile park. The reptiles in the park were variant. Of course, the dangerous reptiles are put in a cage. Some other harmless reptiles, like turtles, bats and iguana, are put freely under staff supervisions. If you are brave enough, you can carry them for a photo opp!
Komodo dragon. As calm as they look, this is how they hunt their preys. They will act dead until the time comes where they run up to 20 km/h to catch their preys.
A bat freely roaming around the park.
One of the biggest crocodile in the park on its camouflage. Incredible creatures!
A baby croc! Cute and vicious.
Be careful not to step on a turtle.
My brother from another mother. No disrespect to my father.
Along the journey, I couldn't stop thinking of going back one day with my future wife and kids. It was such an informative and fun-filled park, made best for family trips. Even so, going with a special someone is not a bad idea! Unless the thought of freely roaming animals would scare him or her, then of course it would be a bad idea and that person would be a bad date. 

Just kidding. I'm done with Bali for now. Moving on, I will start covering about India real soon! See you on my next posts!

Bali Bird Park & Reptile Park, I will see you again!

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