Despite all the tour buses going here and there in Ubud, it remains pretty much the same for years. Of course Mokey Forest area is more crowded than before, but Ubud remains conventional and reserved.

My days in Ubud were calm. A short jog with great views in the morning, a dip in the inn's pool, and a brunch before I started going around. Compared to my other trips, I was always tempted to rush and start sightseeing at around 8 AM, yet in Ubud I didn't feel the need to start that early. There is something about Ubud that destroys my rush hour habit in Jakarta.

I feel as if every human being Ubud was how Bali really used to be. Quiet, calm and peaceful. Not that I dislike the Bali we have now, but sometimes it is nice to be in the nature again. That is why I started my Ubud sightseeing with a visit to Tegalalang Rice Field.
Top view of Tegalalang Rice Field.
The field itself is visible from a view restaurants on that area. We decided to stop nearby the Rice Terrace Cafe. However, it is very possible for you to skip paying for any meals since there are free viewing points located around the area. Bored with just watching? You can also walk around the farms for better pictures and point of view. 
One of the free viewing point we visited.
Get lost and hike for more Tegalalang Rice Field action.
For me, it was not the best view I've ever seen in my whole life. Of course that's because I live in Indonesia where rice fields are visible even a few hours of drive away from where I live in. Don't get me wrong, the view was great, but it wasn't breathtaking. However, if you are from abroad, never seen a rice field in your whole life, visiting is definitely a must. 
Something new to see for these European girls, definitely not to me.
Our next stop was the famous Kintamani Hill. It has the best viewing points for Mount Batur and Abang Lake. After a short drive from Tegalalang Rice Field, we found that the reputation of the famous Kintamani Hill was true. 
Mount Bantur putting on the mightiest look. 
The view was amazing from those restaurants located there. you can sit at the balcony facing the mountain and enjoy your buffet meal for around Rp 135.000,-. Honestly though, the food wasn't that great. You might want to enjoy the view and skip the buffet.
Balcony view.
Best way to enjoy the view? Of course with your loved ones.
My next stop is a cultural visit to Tirta Empul Temple. This temple has been very famous for its holy spring water which people came very far to soak themselves with it. If you love cultural sites like me, I am highly recommending you to make a quick stop at this place.
Tirta Empul. Founded since 962 A.D.
To enter the temple, some rules were needed to be followed. One of them was the wearing of appropriate clothing which includes sarong. Of course if you don't have one at the moment, they have a booth that provides everything you need to enter the temple. 
Rules to enter the temple.
The sarong booth.
Once you follow all the rules, you are ready to enter. Inside you will find a beautiful pond full of fishes to feed. Of course, this part of the temple is full entertaintment and has no holistic purpose whatsoever. 
Fish pond at the temple's entrance.
Feeding frenzy.
Pass the pond, you will find the holistic features of the temple. Inside, I felt even more connected to Bali that I ever was before. The temple has wonderful stories to listen. I was so mesmerized by the whole experience, I couldn't stop myself from taking photos of everything I found interesting.
The source of the holy water.
Stepping inside the pool. Watch out for fishes.
Cleansing ritual.
Locals who are loyal to the culture bathing with a foreigner who was posing for a good photo.
Was this tourist praying? Nope, he was just trying to protect his phone from the water. You can't miss a good selfie opportunity.
The ritual is done by bathing from the most left shower until the most right.
I was lucky enough to spot a praying ritual at the temple.
I do, you watch.
First things first.
 Toss a coin and pray.
I believe the seeing it firsthand is different from visiting it yourself. I've seen those pictures on google, but being present in all of those places above changed my perspective of Bali. It is indeed known as the party island, however, we should also know Bali for its culture, heritage and people's way of living. 

As of now, I am writing this article from Kuta, Bali with 5 more days to spend. I am missing Ubud already but I am ready to cover the beaches of Uluwatu and the cafes of Kerobokan. Talk to me if you think I am missing on anything as I still might be able to catch up on your valuable experience. 
Thanks for reading and talking back to me. Your responses are valuable. Here's a banana!

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