5th day in Bali and I was loving every single moment. I was exploring places I've never been before, experiencing cultures that were strange to me and falling in love with sights I've never seen before. Although after all of that, I wasn't done exploring.

Other than being famous for its beaches and nightlife, Bali is also well known for its coffee shops. Especially the ones in Kerobokan. These coffee shops were my next choices of exploration. First stop, the 3Three Cafe.
Welcome to 3Three Cafe.

Coffee to go.
Tight art work on the wall.
A fish, a smoking man, a message in a bottle... I still can't figure it out.
Although located on a busy street of Kerobokan, 3Three Cafe was far from packed. Accompanied by my family, we chose to had lunch in this small and warm coffee shop. We couldn't make a better choice.

3Three Cafe served a lot of variety of food such as traditional and even European. My mom chose this gado-gado for herself while my dad chose the fish and chips. I chose to try on the spaghetti since it was one of the waitress' recommendations. The food was great for everyone! 
Gado-gado for mom.
Dad's fish and chips.
My spaghetti lunch.
The overall experience was satisfying. The place had a great ambiance and food to please your tongue and eye. If you plan to get a tattoo, the tattoo parlor on the second floor could be a great choice. The cafe also provides free Henna tattoo lesson every Friday from 11.00 - 15.00 WITA.
Wall of Fame.
The next day I got the chance to visit the talked about Buro coffee and concept store. It is located on the second floor of Livingstone Cafe and Bakery which is also not a bad place for your coffee time. 

At that point of time I was in the mood for some solitude and Buro was perfect for it. The place was minimal in design and monochrome in color. It is a mix of a concept store, work space and a coffee shop. 
Instagram material concept store.
Mainstream photo spot.
Barista at work.
Art work for sale.
Essentials for sale.
Ice cappuccino for a sunny day.
The place serves great coffee everyday from 08.00 - 22.00 WITA. Its has comfortable outdoor and indoor seating with many photo spots. The store itself has has the kind of ambiance that makes you want to stay and relax for longer than you're supposed to on a productive day.
Credit to @mr.brewok.
To end the satisfying day I had in Buro, I visited what people say as the best coffee server in town, Revolver Espresso. The place was 15 minutes by foot from Buro, which makes Kerobokan a more fascinating street to explore. Left and right you will spot coffee shops that are so tempting to visit, yet I managed to stay focused on Revolver Espresso. The good things people say about this coffee place got me all curious.

One of the things people say is its great coffee taste. Some would even claim that it is the best coffee in the whole island. I wouldn't actually argue about that.  
Friendly baristas at work.
Revolver merchandises for sale.
Everywhere I go, I see couples.
More couple in this floral room.
From all of those coffee places, I fell in love with Buro the most. If you ever find yourself in Bali, make sure to spend a day in Kerobokan to just chill and relax after days of exploring the nature and nightlife in Bali.

Honestly, coffee hopping could be pretty lonely when done all by yourself. Luckily I bumped into @mbakyull and @mr.brewok at Buro. I didn't know them at first, but after asking @mr.brewok to take a photo of me, soon I realized that he was one of my favorite photographer on Instagram. I took the chance to get to know him more to cover him on one of my coming blog post.
A shout out to a newfound Instagram buddy, @mr.brewok!

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