Greetings from India! 

It has been my 6th day here and I am loving every minute. If you don't know, my blogging would kind of slow down everytime I'm on a trip. I would migrate any updates and current travel status to my snapchat (@demasryan). Feel free to follow to get a glimpse of the exotic India! Anyways, here goes the story of @mr.brewok!

Meet @mr.brewok!
Our meeting was very much spontaneous and accidental. As I was sitting down at Buro on a cafe hopping day, I spotted him taking photos of the cafe. Since I needed a photo of myself for the blog, I asked him to take a photo of me with my camera. The small talk carried on until we exchanged Instagram account which turns out to be an account I did not need to follow anymore. 

I have been a follower and a fan of his Instagram feed since forever. His freedom in expressing himself has been what fascinates me the most. This visual artist has been toying with Instagram since the start of 2015. With almost 50k followers and being listed as one of Instagram's suggested user, he is definitely Instafamous.

Truth be told, his personality was far from an Instafamous. He is an idealist who snaps whatever he wants to share to his followers. With this being said, his main interest in Instagram is in getting to know new people. He is thankful of the community that helps him to explore the world. 

As an inspiring travel photographer, I humbly asked him for a few tips. Creativity was his main answer. Haters come and go, but focusing on being himself and being creative are the 2 main focuses for @mr.brewok. 

Being an idealist has its downside effect. Losing 4 digits number of followers happened to @mr.brewok in the middle of 2015. When asked about that phenomenon, he simply said, "Do not be afraid of losing followers and likers. When you stick to creativity, they will come back."

Very well said and proven by @mr.brewok as he is living the life of a humble and inspiring instafamous.
"Be serious about Instagram. But don't be too serious."

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