Being broke sucks.

Since the one thing I love the most, which is traveling, requires money, I hate being broke. Most of the times, it is just inevitable. Just like you, I got bills to pay and responsibilities to take care of while payday is still far away! 

In one of those days, we just got to find alternatives. Thank God I live in a country full of traveling alternatives. Even just a few hours away from Jakarta you will find a lot of cheap traveling opportunities. By cheap, I'm talking about Rp 500k cheap for a few days of traveling.

That thought became the purpose of my previous travel to Banten. At first, my friend and I wanted to see the touristy village of Baduy, but on the day itself we found out that Inner Baduy is closed during the period of February to April, which was why we quickly adjusted our schedule to visit Tanjung Lesung rather than spending too much days in Outer Baduy.
Catching sunset at Tanjung Lesung.
Located in Banten, Tanjung Lesung is reachable by public transportation. Since there were only 2 of us, driving will be too much to afford. That was why we took a train to Rangkasbitung that only cost Rp 5k. Seriously speaking, the train system in Java Island is very convenient and easy to use!

Not long after 2 hours of being inside the train, we finally reached Rangkasbitung. The first thing to do was to look for directions to Tanjung Lesung. In this situation, asking the public transportation drivers would be a dumb idea. As I wrote in my India travel experience, being gullible is the worst thing to be when you're traveling in Asia. The best way to look for directions, is to read travel blogs. 

As soon as we got signal coverage, I search the internet for ways to get to Tanjung Lesung using public transportation. After having a solid knowledge on which transport to take, we head out of the station with a crowd of ojeg drivers calling us out trying to offer their service. Thanks to our 15 minutes of browsing, we were ready for that.
He probaby didn't get much sleep last night.
Sleeping sound.
After rain situation.
After school laughters.
It took us Rp 100k just to get to Tanjung Lesung. I remember getting on and off to 3 cars and 2 motorcycle to finally reach the beach! The road was bumpy and tough, but we received what we deserved. The weather calmed down after a heavy morning rain and gave us a pretty sky high up above.

I soaked in as much memories as I could inside my head. As a full time travel blogger, I tend to forget the joy of traveling and start seeing beautiful places as photo objects. That was why I took sometime capturing these images in my head without using a camera. That way, I am reminded of my love for traveling long before I even knew how to operate a camera.

Minutes passed, filled with enjoying the clear blue sky decorated with cotton candy clouds. Soon enough, I began to step out of my imagination and thoughts to join my friend in taking photos.
Since we were ready to hike Baduy, we totally wore the wrong outfit for a beach visit.
We walked all the way here through the bushes hoping for a chance to climb up. Too bad, the tower was locked for public.
If only the beach was managed better, it would be filled with tourists. This kind of condition was not the first I’ve seen during my days of traveling. A lot of beautiful places in Indonesia is not well taken care of, despite of its promising opportunities. On the contrary, some other beautiful spots are damaged due to exploitation. Hopefully, a better future awaits Tanjung Lesung.
Photo by: @dennisfarandy
"Sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."
A fishing boat on a break.
A fisherman preparing to head out on an evening fishing.
Soon enough, we found ourselves in a golden hour waiting for the sunset. Fishermen started to prepare for a night sail, mothers began to take in their sun-dried laundry and kids started to head home after playing in the neighborhood. If you ask me, I was keen to explore some more.

Together with my travel mate, we rented out a motorcycle for the night, which was one of the best decision we made during the travel. Other than it being cheaper than public transportation, we found an open rice field waiting for the harvest season. I honestly felt like a kid. At least that's how I feel every time I see an open rice field. It's probably caused by childhood memories of looking over rice fields with my parents.
"The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest."

Golden hour at the beach.
Tanjung Lesung was one of the most emotional trip I've ever done. As I mentioned above, I was short on money in the middle of my 20s. As a fresh graduate, I would say that the struggle is real.

With my gadgets away, I enjoyed the sunset in solitude. That was when I realized that many more struggles are coming in my way, but I believe in two things: hard work and the promises of my God. If you wish to read more about my thoughts during this trip, head over to the 'life' section in my blog or simply click here.

My trip to Tanjung Lesung ended happily with only Rp 200k spent per person. Rp 100k for public transport, Rp 50k for a night in a hostel and another Rp 50k for lunch, dinner and a motorcycle rent. 

Unbelievable? Explore it yourself!

I believe one of the perks of being 23 is to travel, instead of seeing each day passes in an office cubicle doing something I dislike. It won't be easy to see the world, but in this world, nothing is easy anyway!
Looking forward to see the world!
PS: I will be writing about Baduy in the upcoming weeks. Stick around!

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I got bills to pay and responsibilities to take care of while payday is still far away!

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A lot of cheap traveling opportunities. By cheap, I'm talking about Rp 500k cheap for a few days of traveling.windproof umbrella