Once, I heard a joke about the creation of mankind. As God walked on the garden of Eden, He saw that Adam was alone. We know what happened next, He offered Adam a pretty, loving companion. Not just that, He offered to make a perfect woman that doesn't nag and shop. It doesn't stop there because God offered to create a woman who won't make Adam wait when she gets ready to go out on a date. It sounded to good to be true! 

That was when Adam started asking God, "What's the price for this perfect woman?" God answered, "Not much, just give me your left arm."

Since Adam was probably Asian, he bargained and agreed on giving his rib. That was how we ended up getting the imperfect women we have today. We don't deserve this.
Kidding aside, this reminded me of an experience I had in India, where bargaining is a must. Without a set of bargaining tricks, you would be overcharged. As an Asian myself, I am proud to say that I quite master the art of bargaining. Even though I equipped myself with such skill, I still found myself tricked on a bajaj ride. During this ride, the price was definitely overcharged for such a short distance. I felt like I deserve a cheaper price.
With our need to receive what we deserve, one question came in my mind. Did God actually received what He deserved? Imagine if God actually bargained regarding the price of salvation, how much would it cost us? My guess, it would probably cost us everything.

"For or all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,"
Romans 3:23

May this be a reminder to us that we have nothing to deserve this salvation. Worst of all, we have nothing as leverages. From whichever perspective, we know that the transaction isn't fair to God. 

This post is not to judge or to say we should be better souls for a better leverage. This is to say, let us be reminded of this transaction that proved to us His endless and unconditional love. The kind of love that saves, whatever it takes. 

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