When do you find confidence the most?

Most of the time, I find it at the peak of my achievements and successes. I believe it's true for everyone. With a little promotion, acknowledgement, gift from loved ones, we find our sights brighter than ever through confidence.

Don't you think we are addicted to it? Once we own that confidence and know how clear the sight is, we never want to lose it. Once it gets dark, we would do anything to get the same feeling back, even as far as crawling in the dark trying to find the light switch again. In literal, we relate confidence to success and achievements, falsely believing that we will be again confident once we reach the top. As if confidence is some kind of a reward to my achievements.

I am not against the view and perspective of success and achievements. Heck, I wake up everyday trying to achieve success and achievements for a better me. However, recently I've found myself crawling to find that light switch. I've been alone, struggling, hustling, yet the worst part is I have been losing confidence.
Even in the darkest times, keeping confidence alive is probably the switch to turning on the light again.

As stressed out as I have been, there is always a lesson in everything. On the furthest distance from my achievements and success, I found that confidence isn't a reward of my achievements. On the contrary, confidence is a practice should be done in discipline even when I am far from being successful. Even in the darkest times, keeping confidence alive is probably the switch to turning on the light again.

I do not know how hard it has been for you. Who am I to judge your level of struggles in life? I might be far from the end of my current struggles, but learning to be confident helps. In fact, it changes my perspectives of work, relationship, college and everything else. Bottom line, confidence might not be your salvation, but it is definitely your greatest supporter. 

If you don't think it's possible, it is. The switch is deep within you. Don't go too far trying to find that switch. The world offers a lot fake switches that gives temporary confidence, but you should know better.

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