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Finding a getaway in Jakarta is tough. If you're like me, going to a mall won't give you much satisfaction. Even worse, finding parking and queuing for movie tickets add up the headache. However, most of us stick to malls and cafes since that is what the city life could only offer for the weekend.

Through the writing of this post, I came to a realization of how grateful I am to be living in Indonesia. Even though city life drains me out, there are places on the outskirts of the town where nature becomes a getaway for the city dwellers! Here are a few of those getaways you can reach just a few hours drive from Jakarta!

1. Kawah Putih
A romantic getaway to Kawah Putih? Why not!
Located only 50 km from Bandung, Kawah Putih (the white crater) is one of the hidden gems of Java. I could imagine myself sitting down, talking to loved ones while staring at the crater for hours. There was something about this place is so mystical, yet romantic. Locals believe that wild animals won't come nearby because of its mystical features. Personally, I believe it is because of the smell that comes from the lake's level of acidity. 

My previous visitation to Kawah Putih was a lot of fun. During the rainy season, don't forget to bring a jacket. If you have a sensitive nose, bring a mask! To me, the smell was only bearable for a few minutes without a mask.
It was a foggy afternoon.
Why Indonesia? Why?
Pardon the hair and the face. I just woke up.
2. Rafting
This activity is famous throughout Puncak, Bandung or even further. The kind of rafting I remembered was easy instead of challenging. However, that experience happened when I was in high school, the teachers probably picked an easy course for our safety. At Pengalengan, I experienced a 3rd grade rafting (the grading is between 1 to 6), which I believe was even more thrilling than my previous rafting experience.

Before the action, participants were given a short briefing. Some of the terms we had to remember were swerve left, swerve right, bomb, and pedal forward or backward. Bomb is a ducking position we had to do every time we are going down a waterfall. It was quite intense!
Don't let the still water fool you, the current was stronger at the middle of the course.
Important briefing going on.
Before jumping on the raft.
Be sure to raft a few hours before the sun down. It gets really cold at night in Pengalengan! Although it was cold, the instructors did mention the possibility of night rafting for the experienced.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to take good photos, but I do have this short low quality video recorded through my friend's B-Pro cam!
3. Paintball
Now paintball is one activity you can do even in Jakarta. However, if you ever find yourself in Ciwidey with a large group of friends, paintball is a must!

Since it was my first experience, I was quite scared of getting shot at all the wrong places that are unprotected. My fear became a reality since I got my fingers shot, which bruised until a few weeks. Other than that, I got myself some good aims that helped the team win the game.
All suited up for the game.
Gears for the game.
Bullets distribution for the read team.
Aiming was tough, but I managed to get close enough to the enemy team to shoot from a shorter distance. Getting a good shooting position was a good strategy. That was why everybody would run as fast as they can to a good position once the whistle blow. 

If you manage to get very close to an enemy with your gun aimed at them, your enemy has to forfeit and exit the arena. The whole point of the game was to take the enemy's flag, which didn't happen since everyone was too busy shooting at each other.

Aiming and taking cover at the same time was tough.
4. BBQ Night
What's better than spending the last night of your getaway by staying up late? Of course there are a lot of activities you can do to accompany you through the night. What I did for a night in Ciwidey was BBQ.

The music was high and the BBQ steaks were on the platter. At night, Ciwidey could be quite cold, but the fire was lit to keep us warm. It was a perfect campfire situation.
Music around the campfire.
Irresistible aroma.
To end the night, we released a few lanterns. A few accident happened while we tried to light it up, but nothing out of control happened. Soon enough, the lanterns were up in the air, lighting up the cold night. Since the stars weren't visible, we kinda created our own stars that night.

Isn't it the same with happiness? That night I was reminded to create my own happiness whenever it seems invisible. Posivite thinking is the key.
Letting go won't always end badly.
Most of the time, letting go helps us create our own happiness.
5. Paddy Field Viewing
Morning situation from Ciwidey!
Although repetitive, paddy field viewing is one of my favorite activity to do whenever I travel in Indonesia. I did it in Flores, Java, Toraja, Bali and many more places. There is always a new experience with different paddy fields. Each one gave me some time to talk to my inner self. Perhaps, if we just have the time to listen to ourselves, we wouldn't be so much stressed out. Since we don't get the chance to do so in our daily hectic schedules filled with social media in between, we kinda need an experience to take that all away from us. To me, paddy field viewing is the experience I need.
I haven't even showered yet. Didn't want to miss the view!
Clear blue sky accompanied the paddy field viewing experience.
Viewing balcony at Legok Kondang.
I was fortunate to have a clear view of these paddy fields after the morning fogs went away. I was even more fortunate to be able to experience all of this at Legok Kondang's Glamping experience

Legok Kondang offers a glamour camping experience which allows visitors to sleep in a luxurious tent with AC, wifi and cable TV! More than that, it providess all the facilities I mentioned above for an unforgettable weekend. At least, my long weekend was unforgettable. From Kawah Putih, rafting to paintball, these activities are only a call away.
Welcome to Legok Kondang!
Glamorous camp tents await!
So have you decide where to go for the upcoming long weekend? If you want more ideas, hop on to my travel section and scroll down to my list of weekend getaway experiences!

As of now, hold on until another long weekend comes again. Stay sane everybody!
Thanks to Legok Kondang for the fun stay at Ciwidey! I had a lot of fun alongside with Trinity Optima, Ramako Group and Lyla.

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