As I promised in my Tanjung Lesung blog post, I would post the thoughts that I had during that trip. If you missed on the background story, go and read about it.

Life, in every stages, has its own fights. People say that when we were kids, the hardest thing to decide was which coloring pencils to pick. No offense, but this kind of thinking is weird in so many levels. Picking which coloring pencils might seems easy for us, but to them, it could be as hard as picking a marriage partner!

Think about it! Every stages of life has its own difficulties. The hardest thing kids would have to do was to pick on a color, but that is probably all they could do! With that being said, the strength and maturity we have today is supposed to be enough for the problems we are facing today. Just like the sun is enough for the whole world, our capacity should be enough for our struggles.
As I was writing this, a chat came from a friend who is struggling in his own problem. Since he is almost 30 years old, does that mean his problem is bigger than mine? Yes. Does that mean the level of his struggle is bigger than mine? I don't think so.

I believe as the circumstance level grows harder, we are also tougher. This means, I shouldn't go around judging struggles of those who are younger, or being scared of hearing struggles of those who are older. Of course, that sentence is easier said than done.

As previously told in my Tanjung Lesung post, as a fresh graduate, I am struggling to create a path, my own path. Someday, when I pass this struggle, more struggles will come my way. If only I decided to give up today, the next level would be tougher since I have failed to level myself up in the previous stage.

We owe it to ourselves to face our struggles courageously with persistence and faith. For me, I thank God for all the provision and equipment He gave me throughout my fights. I believe He would supply me with more in the upcoming fights.

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