I did not go all the way to Palembang only to see the total solar eclipse. Of course it was one of the world's trending topic, but I wanted more than that, especially after hearing about Palembang's culinary attractions!

Honestly, I'm not much of a foodie. That is why there is only one culinary post you have seen in this blog. I am the kind of guy who would eat mostly anything on the table. However, my love for exploration had brought me to a fat fest in Palembang. Literally, I was munching throughout my days in Palembang! I came home with a few pounds gained, but I came home missing Palembang's food. Here are some of those food that I miss and recommend for you guys!

1. Martabak Har
Martabak Har
Is it the same as the Martabak we have in Jakarta? Not at all. It is basically made by frying an egg-filled dough with an addition of secret recipe curry. At least that's what they claim it to be. The options for Martabak Har lies on the egg choices. You can choose to enjoy duck or chicken egg inside your martabak.

From my own research, Martabak Har was originally created by Haji Abdul Rozak, which is the abbreviation of HAR. He is an Indian descendant who lives in Palembang with his Indonesian family. Since 1947, his family has made quite a fortune from this business by making restaurant branches and selling franchises. Note to self: find a family recipe, enhance it and make a business out of it. 
Just follow the crowd and you won't miss this place. It has branches everywhere in Palembang
2. Mie Celor 26
Since this is my favorite, I should have put it as number one. But anyways, Mie Celor is something that you shouldn't miss, especially Mie Celor 26!
Doesn't look like much, but it really did taste like heaven.
I can't be wrong about this one. I remember feeling full, but wanting to explore some more. Mie Celor was the last destination of that day, so we decided to visit this place to share some plates of noodle just for the sake of trying. I ended up regretting coming with a fully loaded stomach.

Mie Celor is just a regular noodle with a little twist. Rather than a soup, the noodle was put in a coconut milk soup and shrimp-based broth. It tasted sour and milky, which I think is a rare combination of taste, a delicious kind of rare.
My favorite Palembang food.
3. Pempek Mei Hwa
This is the bomb! My family and I found this place accidentally through a visit to a local market. It turns out that Pempek Mei Hwa is super famous and we didn't even know about it!
It was a tough choice.
You got to note this one down!
Note to self: there are so many more things to unlearn and learn again!
So I've been living a lie. I've been taught by my family to eat pempek by pouring the sauce unto a plate full of pempek. In Palembang, everybody eats it by dipping the pempek into a small bowl of sauce. I was blown away. Not that it tasted differently, but I've been eating pempek wrongly in my entire life! The last time I had this feeling was when I found out the proper way to use a chopstick in Tokyo. Doesn't this excite you? To me, it does. I am excited over the fact that there so many habits, cultures or places I have not yet explored!

By the way, do not miss out on the chance to try on pempek Lenggang. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't tried it before in my whole life. Pempek Lenggang is basically the opposite of Pempek Kapal Selam. If Pempek Kapal Selam is filled with egg, then Pempek Lenggang is actually fried egg, filled with pempek.
Pempek Lenggang.
4. Es Kacang Merah VICO
A little dessert shouldn't hurt. Personally, I think Mei Hwa has the best pempek in Palembang, although some would say VICO's pempek is better. To me, VICO is more worth visiting because of its red bean ice dessert. This photo couldn't justify its sweet, fresh and tasty syrup mixed with sweet milk and shaved ice. I am actually craving for one right now!
Triple trouble.
While we were at VICO, we also gave a few other pempek a try. We tried on papaya pempek and tekwan pempek. Durian pempek was surprisingly good, but it didn't give me as much mouthgasm as the other pempek at Mei Hwa. It was just unique to try for the first time. Model pempek is basically fish pempek served with a warm and rich soup accompanied with rice noodles. Again, it didn't give me the kick that made me crave for more. But if you ever find yourself in Palembang, you should totally give these two pempek a try!
Papaya Pempek.
Tekwan pempek.
5. Es Mamat
At this moment, I am trying to speed up my writing pace so that I don't have to struggle with my cravings. I mean, all these photos bring back all the tastes of delicious cuisines in Palembang. One of these delicious cuisines is Es Mamat!
Sweet and addicting.
Just like Martabak Har and VICO, Es Mamat is a chain business owned by Haji Mamat. At first sight, nothing seemed special about these carts on the road side. In fact, it looked like your everyday street dessert. If we didn't get the information from a friend, we wouldn't even visit Es Mamat.

I am not exaggerating when I say that Es Mamat was like nothing I've ever tasted before. It was just perfect for a heated afternoon in Palembang. Its reputation speaks louder than its competitors. Es Mamat is known to be selling 400 to 500 glasses a day with notable national figures as its customer.
Es Mamat, since 1984.
6. Pindang Patin
Truth be told, I haven't found the best Pindang Patin in Palembang. The one that I tasted at a Sundanese restaurant was just okay. For this one, I can't really give you any restaurant recommendation. Perhaps, it is a task that you should carry on?
Pindang Patin. Best served hot.
Now you could probably see that I feel the happiest when I am exploring. Let it be nature, food, architectural sites or even nightlife, I would go the extra miles for an opportunity to explore. I believe there is a little adventurer inside each of us craving to explore the world. While some people choose to grow old and let it die, I choose to grow up and set it free. Which choice will you pick?

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