It has been a while since I last visited Baduy, yet I still remember Kang Asep very much. He was such an interesting fellow that I should not miss to write! 

My friend and I were on our way to Ciboleger station, the last station before we could hike to Baduy. In the middle of our angkot rides, we bumped into Kang Asep who was driving the angkot. He saw us moving in a rush from place to place and offered to drive us straight to Ciboleger instead of switching transports here and there. After a short price negotiation he agreed to take us there. Truth be told, he gave us more than what we paid him. He gave us such fascinating stories.

To begin with, he had 8 experiences of different marital relationship. His first 6 didn't work out and he is now living with 2 wives at home. I was shocked. From the physical, he looks like an ordinary guy, so he must have been a smooth talker, but he was more than that. He carried on by explaining that he owns a charm that attracts ladies. This charm has been with him since he was young, thus explaining his success in getting girls.
Kang Asep, the lady killer.
It is believed in Banten that men must own this charm. Some would even go further and study this sorcery to be successful in relationship and making friends. It is rumored that Indonesia's former presidents, Soekarno and Soeharto, even went all the way to Banten in search of this superstitious knowledge.

Kang Asep has done everything legally. To add it up, he has been responsible of his ex-wives and kids. Although changing wives isn't something that I endorse, I see Kang Asep in a different perspective. He was responsible to his own choices, and I respect that. All the best, Kang!
Driving to keep the money rolling for the wives.

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