One of the things that I love the most in traveling is getting to meet people. Since I started traveling solo a few years ago, I've been exposing myself to meet people as much as possible only to be even more fascinated by them.
Bira diving instructors who left Europe for a chance to live in a paradise.
From all those friends I've made all over the globe, one lady that I met in Tanjung Bira, Sulawesi, happen to stood out from the others. Her name is Anne. I wish I took a photo of her for my blog, but the encounter happened in my early days of blogging where I didn't even carry a camera around.

Every once a year, Anne and her husband would fly all the way from the Netherlands to dive somewhere in Indonesia for 3 weeks straight. We talked about diving and her love towards Indonesia for hours. People in her country is given 3 weeks of holiday and she would used all of them to dive in Indonesia every year.

After almost a year of not hearing anything from her, an email from Anne popped up in my inbox yesterday. She gave me a full clip of our diving experience in Tanjung Bira that she recorded with her GoPro. The total length of the clip is more than 5 minutes, so I contacted friends from MazzeUp.com to edit them for me, with Anne's consent. 

This is what I saw throughout my diving days in Tanjung Bira. Sharks, stingrays, sea snakes, lion fish, beautiful corals and many more in close range are spotted inside the video. I hope it will only push you to explore more of Indonesia, just like Anne and her husband did.
I do miss diving so much! Do you have any diving spots recommendations from where ever you are? Put it on the comments!

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tike mik said...

They relate to something. It's the lessons I learned throughout my career trying to figure out how the bass are relating to key structures or features of a body of water that kind of has helped me survive.