Multitasking is definitely one the traits I am most proud of. I find it very convenient to multitask all the time, especially when I travel. One time in India, I found myself using the airport’s WiFi ferociously as if tomorrow would never come and internet will be gone forever.

Since I didn’t have much time before my flight back home, I walked fast to the waiting lounge dragging my luggage with one hand and checking my phone with the other. Things were pretty tensed as I was dividing my concentration to check on my phone without accidentally bumping into anyone, but that moment only lasted until I found a long moving walkway.

I quickly hopped on to the moving walkway, stopped my walk and gave full concentration to my smartphone screen. Multitasking at its best. I was moving forward and having fun with my phone.

In case you were waiting for something to go wrong, nothing wrong actually happened. But as I look back, I came to a realisation that even though I was moving forward and having fun, I wasn’t moving faster than I was before I stepped on the moving walkway. No doubt, the moving walkway was convenient and easy, but it didn’t gave me more speed because I was taking my time playing with my phone. I could actually be slower than those who were running on the floor. Imagine how faster I would be if I hopped on the moving walkway and still walk with my average walking speed!

Lets relate it to life. How would you move when God puts you on a moving walkway? Think about it. How would you move when God puts you in a moving financial? How would you react when your relationship seems to be moving in a positive direction? The same question goes to our Christianity, ministry, work, etc.

Lately, I found myself in this situation. With a few prayers answered, financial progresses and impactful ministries, I became relaxed and started taking things easier than before. To make it worse, since things were going fine, I began to lose my discipline and focus without realizing that I wasn’t progressing faster. Things were easier, but it wasn’t progressing faster than it should have been.

We prayed, worked and grind when things were tough, but do we still pray, work and grind as much when things were becoming easier? 

We have come to share in Christ, if indeed we hold our original conviction firmly to the very end.
Hebrew 3:14

The bible specifically tells us to hold on to our conviction firmly to the very end, even when things are easy. A smooth sea doesn’t make a skilled sailor. This means that even though things are easy, the only way to progress is to challenge ourselves to work as hard, pray as consistent and grind as discipline as before. 

In fact, there is so much danger in easy situation. How often do you see people fall when they are at the top, receiving spotlight, money and fame? I see it more often than people who fall when things are tough. Tough situation makes us stronger, easy situation makes us careless. 

Next time you find yourself in a moving walkway, remember that God puts you there, not for you to chill and relax. God puts you there, because He has something bigger ahead and He wants to bring you there. Don’t stop moving, even when you are tempted to take it down a notch.

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Unknown said...

GREAT ARTICLE! Thank you for the reminder, Demas!

Demas Ryan said...

Thanks for visiting Ka Gea!