Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But who would actually wake up that early in time for breakfast in Bali? 

I really tried waking up early in Bali to be able to go to more places and have more experiences. I figured, since I don't party that much, it would be easier for me to sleep early, thus wake up early as well. It didn't work out exactly as planned. 

Perhaps the beds in Bali are manufactured in such a way to keep you on it longer than you're supposed to. I don't know, perhaps it's just the weather, but there is something in Bali that would keep you in your room longer than you need to. It happened to me. I was skipping breakfasts during my travel in Bali last week! Nobody wakes up that early in Bali.

Not to worry, breakfast is not a thing in Bali, brunch is! These are some of the heaven sent restaurants that I tried for my brunches! Heads up, the first two are non-halal.

1. Warung Cahaya
Crispy pork and sambal matah.
Jalan Dewi Ratih No.1, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia.
When my friends were all up in my face about this place, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical. Nothing is ever that good. Oh boy, I was very wrong. Warung Cahaya's crispy pork and sambal matah is THAT good!

I didn't get to try other menu in this place, but you won't need the others as everyone in the restaurants were only ordering crispy pork and sambal matah. In case you didn't know, sambal matah is a hot sauce recipe passed down from Heaven. Seriously, from all the hot sauces I've tasted in my life, sambal matah, from Bali, is one of the best. It is made out of mixing and frying onions, limes, spices and chili.
All tables occupied.
Warung Cahaya has a secret ingredient to their sambal matah, which makes it so addicting. Even so, the queue to a plate of crispy pork is longer than the queue to Justin Bieber's concert (I assume). After almost an hour of waiting, my plate of crispy pork finally came. It was worth the wait!
Heaven sent recipes.
2. Warung Babi Guling Menjanji Luwus
A plate of pork delights.
Although located 1.5 hours from the Kuta, this restaurant is worth the long drive. During a drive to Sekumpul waterfalls, my friends and I found this place in the middle of the way. 

Everything you see on the photo above is pork and rice. When we were given our plate, I couldn't even see the rice because it was hidden deep under the different types of pork menu. The pork skin crackers were to die for! If you ever find yourself in this restaurant, get Nasi Campur Babi! If you're like me, with a purchase of 25k, you would find yourself smiling from ear to ear.
Jalan Raya Luwus (Br. Luwus), Badung.
3. Nalu Bowls
Nalu Bowls, Healthy & Delicious.
I had enough of 2 consecutive days filled with pork brunches. On my 3rd day in Bali, I was craving for something healthier. That is why I rode to Canggu for Nalu Bowls. If you happen to be in Bali, Canggu's Nalu Bowls is one of the less crowded store. In only 30 minutes, I was served my order while my friends had to wait for more than an hour until they were given their order at Seminyak's Nalu Bowls.

Other than the food, the place is quite comfortable. These foreigners were sitting here for hours even after they finished their bowls.
Jl. Batu Mejan #88 (Before Echo Beach on the right).
My favorite bowl has always been J-Bay. As I wrote in my previous experience at Blue Point Beach, I fell in love with J-Bay and decided to become a loyal lover to it. J-Bay is a protein packed bowl filled with peanut butter, banana, honey and soy milk!

All these bowls are served chilled, which made it perfect for a sunny morning in Bali! If you had never tried Nalu Bowls, please, for crying out loud, experience a new perspective of life by trying out a bowl the next time you visit Bali! It will change your life.
J-Bay for life!
4. Warung Mak Beng
The only menu in Warung Mak Beng, a bowl of fish soup.
This place was out of my expectation. I didn't expect a bowl of fish soup would be so talked about in Bali. I thought that Bali's cuisine would be chilled and fried instead of warm like this fish soup. I mean, look at the sunny weather in Bali and you would crave for something cold instead of hot. Yet, tourists from all over the globe came to Warung Mak Beng to try its famous fish soup.

The fish were cooked like something out of this world. Perhaps its the quality of the fish or its secret ingredients. It was definitely something I've never tasted before. It was drop dead delicious!
Jl. Hang Tuah No. 45, Sanur, Bali.
These 4 restaurants filled my brunch experiences in Bali satisfyingly. Do you have anymore brunch recommendations? Leave them in the comments below!

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