Single mothers, are one of the strongest females ever existed. On my last days of 2015, I was very much blessed by the opportunity to meet one. She was a 46 year old GrabBike driver named Ibu Yusni.

It was a sunny Monday, the kind that everyone would hate. However, Ibu Yusni greeted me with a warm smile, the kind of warmth that isn't easy for anyone to forget. It was around 1 PM and I was her 8th passenger for the day. Apparently, she was working since 5.30 AM with only a lunch break in between. Even then, she was still planning to find more passengers.
As we rode to my destination, she told me lightly that she is a single mother of 3. Her husband left her for another woman 5 years ago, leaving her with nothing but responsibilities to take. Being a night market vendor, she couldn't afford a higher education for her eldest, her second child is in risk of sharing the same future. She hoped things will change now that she is a Grab Bike driver.

Hard work and persistence, all came from a single mother's love.

"Even if you have skills, yet the choice was to stay at home everyday, you can't wish for food to be provided on the table." 
- Ibu Yusni -

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