In the spirit of frustration, I am continuing to write about Bali and the things Indonesian tourists won't do in Bali. Well, at least the Indonesians I know.

One of these things is surfing.
This ain't waterbom.
I am not a pro surfer. In fact, I just upgraded my self from the longboard a few weeks ago. I am such a noob, but hey, at least I try. In fact, my first surfing experience happened during a summer break in 2011 when I was 17 years old. My friends and I impulsively rented a few boards in Kuta beach for 60k an hour and surfed for hours. We came back the next day because we were quite addicted!

It takes time, but 6 years later, I finally upgraded myself to a funboard. Yes, I am not that dedicated.
Good bye longboard!
But do I enjoy it? Yes. The feeling you get once you catch a wave is indescribable. I somehow understand why surfers like Bethany Hamilton would get back to the ocean after a horrific accident on the sea.

Just like diving, surfing is a scarily exciting activity. I think there is something about the ocean that is so mysterious and attracting.
Reading the currents.
A few seconds before the fall. Backside snap fail.
One of the best waves for beginners surfers can be found in Echo Beach, Canggu. After enjoying a bowl of Nalu, I hopped on to a bike and took a 10 minutes ride to Echo Beach, a paradise for beginner surfers.

Although I didn't surf at Canggu, it is definitely in my list. The waves were nice and easy with enough challenge for beginner surfers to improve. If you still want something easier, go to Kuta beach.

Other than the waves, Echo Beach is still a nice place to explore. The beach side is filled with restaurants and cafes serving exotic drinks.
Hiding from the sun.
Boys will be boys.
The next time you go to Bali, try something new. Skip the pretty and nice cafes and desserts parlor and enjoy Bali for what it really is. Surfing is always an option!

Anyways, I will be heading to Melbourne in 2 days before moving on to Sydney and Singapore. In total, I will be missing from Jakarta in the next 3 weeks. Any sites recommendations in those 3 places? Talk to me if you have one in mind!

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