In case you didn't know what llamas are, google them. But this post isn't all about llamas. In fact, this postcard series would display some of the photos that I do not want to throw away, yet I couldn't find a place for them in any other posts. My first postcard would be from Japan.

Trust me, there are llamas down below. 
Silhouettes and shadow play in a museum in Aomori Prefecture. I will write more about Aomori soon!
Evening stroll in Aomori, a prefecture famous for its apple pie.
Afternoon drinks after a unisex public bath in Sukayu Spa, because it is never too early for Japanese to drink alcohol.
It was a wonderful day in Matsushima. Throwback to one of the best cities I've ever visited in Japan!
Town view from the top of Aizuwakamatsu Castle.
The entrance to a samurai house in Iwate Prefecture.
Such a colorful alley nearby a beautiful sakura park.
This is how I usually 'walk' from Sunday to Monday every week.
Inside the train.
From the outside of the train.
Poor ticket lady caught the hay fever. Get well soon!
I know what you're thinking, 'where are the llamas?' Don't worry, I have them in this video below. I have compiled all my videos from Japan and gave them to MazzeUp, who did a wonderful magic and turned these clips into a 2 minutes video that covers all of my experiences in Japan, including seeing llamas! 
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