In my previous travel opportunity in Bali, something got me frustrated. To explain you about my frustration, I would have to rewind a little bit.

I was in Bali for a friend's wedding ceremony over a weekend. In that weekend, I had the golden opportunity to do things that are out of the ordinary. Why do I do this? Simply, because I don't get to do things that are out of the ordinary in Jakarta! I don't want to spend my limited days in Bali doing the ordinary, such as cafe hopping or clubbing. I don't mind doing those activities, but I don't want them to be everything that I did in Bali!

That was why I dragged a few of my friends all the way to Singaraja to visit this hidden waterfalls of Sekumpul village. As suspected, this amazing site was visited by many foreigners, yet rarely visited by the Indonesian tourists. If you think about it, it is kind of sad. We have the golden opportunity to see this kind of beauty, yet it is dominated by those who have to fly far away from their hometown. 
Come on! Even the hike was amazing!
To get to the Sekumpul waterfalls, you will need to drive for 3 hours from Kuta, Bali. From then on, you will have to ask around for local guides who will take you to the waterfall. It will take another 45 minutes of uphill and downhill walk to the waterfall. Don't worry, your tired feet will be rewarded by the view that awaits!

Other than the view of the waterfall itself, you will also be rewarded by the amazing paddy field view on your left and right. I wished I could spend more time to enjoy the view, but we had to go to the waterfall before its dark. 
Up close.
Trust me, the pain was nothing compared to the view.
I felt like Indiana Jones. After those flights of stairs, there was no more man made steps that we could go through. We had to even walk through bushes and cross rivers to get to our destination. A sandal was the best foot protection in this hike. Wearing my shoe would be a total mistake that I avoided in the very last minute. 

Our guide was easily jumping here and there. He was carrying my bag and our sandals, yet he wasn't even complaining. Finally, he got us to our first waterfall, which was the twin waterfalls!
Intense jungle trekking.
Twin waterfalls!
Honestly, I couldn't get many photos of the waterfall. The water dropped so hard, it splashed on my camera lens, made it all blurry. The twin waterfalls were 96 meters high, making it one of the highest waterfalls in Sekumpul! With that being said, we decided to take a dip on the triple waterfall, which was our last destination.
It took us another 15 minutes hike!
Finally! We got to the triple waterfalls of Sekumpul. These waterfalls were not as high as the twin waterfalls, but it had a bigger natural pool, which made it a popular place for swimming. The water was fresh! We could even drink the water from its water springs.

After an hour of playing, swimming and taking photos, I had to sadly said my goodbye to these waterfalls. Another hour of hike to the car awaits us. Although I was very exhausted, I would do it all over again. These waterfalls were too amazing to miss.
The blurry image of the triple waterfalls.
If you are not Indonesian, I urge you so much to visit these waterfalls whenever you find yourself in Bali. If you are an Indonesian, I urge you so much to explore more of Bali. One of the most important reasons is for the locals in that area to have economic growth. These people depend on farming and natural resources to live. We can help by making these nature attraction sites a popular domestic tourist attraction.

Other than that reason, I urge you to explore and enrich yourself with experiences. Get out of the coffee shops and see places for yourself. Trust me, seeing it yourself is very much different compared to seeing it on a HD flat screen.
Escape the ordinary.

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