The so called 'great' ocean road, to be honest, is not that great. Hey, I'm just keeping it real.

During my stay in Australia, I found myself very fortunate to be living in such an exotic country. Seriously, some of the natural environments I found in Australia was nothing compared to Waerebo, Toraja or Derawan! I'll give you a valid proof on that statement.
Bells Beach.
After a few days of exploring Melbourne, my friends and I were very much tempted to visit the great ocean road. We heard so much about it and the photos looked great! That was why we rented cars to drive to 12 apostles and other touristic sites along the great ocean road.

The great ocean road is a long road along the coastal line of southern Australia. Tourists would drive in this road to visit the 12 apostles and many other touristic sites. At first, it sounded like it would actually be a good road trip!

Since there were 6 of us, we could only fit ourselves in an 8-seater car. However, we were unable to rent that car because none of us were above 25 years old. To drivers under 25 years old, car rental companies could only offer 5-seaters city cars. That was why we decided to divide our group into 2 city cars. Since there are no buses or other public transportation to the 12 Apostles, renting 2 cars was the cheapest solution we had. Even so, we ended up paying 60 AUD/person, which was around Rp 600k.

With that amount of money in Indonesia, I could get something far more satisfying than what I saw along the great ocean road. If you don't believe me, the next picture will show you how dull the Bells Beach is.
Overlooking Bells Beach.
Bells Beach was the closest touristic site to Melbourne. After a 2 hours drive, with the help of google maps, we found ourselves looking at a plain beach filled with local surfers. At that moment, I totally understood why we have a lot of Australian tourists in Bali. We totally have better beaches spread all over Indonesia!

Although it was plain, I could honestly say that I was quite inspired by the view. After only 30 minutes, we decided to get back on the road and headed to the 12 apostles. The road view was just fine, until we found this green pastures on our left and right. It was nothing like I've ever seen with my own eyes before. It looked like those green meadows in milk cartoon boxes!

The next thing we know, we were out of the car, on the street, taking photos and enjoying the good weather.
I was suddenly in a mood for picnic.
It was such a good day to be outside! Btw, meet @levchristy!
The view reminded me of images on milk cartoons.
We actually spotted a koala not far from the spot where I took those photos. It was just passing down the road and climbed unto the nearest tree when we came close. I think it confused us with a predator because it climbed further up as we came closer. :(
Poor scared koala.
We finally reached our destination, the 12 Apostles. In case you don't know, the 12 Apostles is basically a rock formation that stood on the coast of Port Campbell. In contrary to its name, there are less than 12 pillars of rock in the 12 Apostles. What makes it so interesting is actually its marketing and branding effort. The 12 Apostles is nothing more than pillars of rock marketed and packaged in such a way to attract tourists.
The only view of the 12 Apostles.
Not far from the 12 Apostles is the Loch Ard Gorge. It is named after the ship Loch Ard that crashed on the shore of that gorge. From the 50 passengers aboard that ship, only 2 survived. Out of this story, the Australian government crafted a touristic site that attracts many visitors.

To me, the view was not that great. I would actually give more credits to the Australia ministry of tourism who packaged these places in such a way that attracts people.
The gorge.
Another one of @levchristy.
Meet @rubbindanny!
Loch Ard Gorge.
These photos were taken a few minutes before a huge rain came pouring on us. Soon enough, we ran to our car and drove back to Melbourne for another 3 hours.

It was a fun experience. Although the places were definitely overrated, I would have to give some credit to whoever made these places so popular. It takes smart marketing to actually sell something that is so ordinary. 

I hope this post doesn't offend anybody. I think Australia is a great country, but the great ocean road is definitely not that great.

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