Welcome back to reality.

It's that time of the year where all of us had too much fun during the mid-year break and are struggling to get back to work. After all, we need to get back to work and make money for our year-end vacation! What a circle, huh?

When I say 'us', I really mean all of us. I don't want to sugarcoat my life by saying only the good things about being a travel blogger. Even though I am mostly on the road, I am not always on vacations. I have thesis to finish, photos to edit and blogs to write. Just like you, I am struggling to get myself back to work routines. 

But here we are, facing the upcoming weeks with boldness and determinations to achieve our aspirations in life. To this pursuit, I salute each one of you. 

I know how tough it is to be back at the office or classes after a long week of holiday. That is why I hope that this post would put a smile on your face as it did to mine. Trust me, nothing puts a smile on your face like kids and baby photos. I found myself laughing through the editing process of these photos and I'd love to have you feeling the same joy through these photos.

PS: I understand that some parents might not allow their children's photos to be published widely on the internet. I respect that and I would be happy to take any of these photos down if any of these kids' parents would reach out to me through my email address.

First stop, here are the faces of the little explorers of St. Kilda Beach.
Blowing bubbles at St. Kilda Beach.
"Mommy, I'm spiderman!"
I think she was having mixed feelings about the ride.
I had no idea why she cried but my first response was to smile. Am I the only one?
"Mommy, don't leave."
St. Kilda was very much alive. Even though it was windy and cold, families were outside playing with water and pet dogs! As cliche as it may sound, I think that the warmth of human interaction beats the cold southern ocean breeze. 
Future geographers roaming around at Blue Mountain.
"First one to spot little fishy wins!"
The Blue Mountain was one of my Sydney trip highlight. I've never been that far to the edge of the world, yet these kids were exploring them since childhood. Even though the Blue Mountain's terrain is quite dangerous, safety is guaranteed with sturdy railings and paved walkway. What an adventurous place to grow up in!

The next kid you will see is the most camera friendly among the others.
This is when she first noticed that I was taking photos of her. 
And suddenly she struck a pose.
As I walked past her, she kept on changing her poses and getting really comfortable.
Good bye kiddo!
The upcoming little explorers are the ones I found in the city of Melbourne and Sydney! It was the winter break and parents were taking their kids outside. The streets were crowded with families even during the weekdays!
He was wandering around, leaving his parents behind. Such a brave little explorer!
"Don't let me fall, Mr. Penguin."
Imaginary steps above imaginary pool of lava.
How dull and boring would the world be without these little explorers and dreamers? As much annoying as their crying voices might be, imagine a world only inhabited by adults like us!

If these photos put a smile on your face, then do me a favor. The next time you find children around you, be nice and show them that there is a lot of fun in growing up. By doing so, we might have changed the course of their future. We are truly responsible of the next generation's future.

After all, our future is also in their hands.
The cheekiest face of Sydney.

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