As you may have read before about Hillsong Conference 2016, I have been truly blessed. Quite frankly, I was mostly blessed by the volunteers. The preachers were amazing and the praise & worship was out of this world, but I was genuinely touched by the volunteers who kept on smiling at us, trying to help as much as possible. 

These are some of the most amazing volunteers I met during the conference. 
Meet Joao!
I met Joao right before my backstage tour. His lively voice greeted me with a wide smile. He is definitely a personality that I would love to know more about. After that short meeting, I accidentally bumped into him again at a network meeting where we got to know a little more about each other. All the way from Brazil, Joao flew to Australia to pursue his passion to know more about God through Hillsong College.

"How much of a life changing experience is Hillsong College?" I asked.

That question sparked a little something in his eyes, I could already tell that college had impacted his life in many ways. In the middle of his explanation he started saying, "Nothing is coincidental, just like our encounter. I believe as I am speaking to you, I am speaking life to Indonesia"

As he is about to finish his studies, Joao wishes to come back to Brazil and make a change in a local church. It might not be easy, but I hope he remembers that my prayers are with him.
Meet Graeme!
Graeme is the best group captain you can ever find. His job was to hold a sign that directed my group to our seats. I think he did a lot more than that. 

When you're in a conference as tightly scheduled as Hillsong Conference, you won't always find yourself happily seated before the sessions start. There were times when some of us were rushing through the rain, feeling tired and stressful. In any of those times, I would always find Graeme greeting us with a warm smile and little jokes to get us relaxed before the sessions.

We don't talk much, until we exchanged Facebook contacts after the conference ended. Even so, I hope that he keeps that same smile that blesses everyone around him.
Meet Christian & Melanie!
I am totally saving the best for the last! 

Christian and Melanie are group concierges that took care of my whole group. They would meet me every morning to ensure that everything is fine and I have everything that I needed, which includes a morning cup of coffee. You can really trust these two with anything that you need!

Their kindness didn't stop once the conference ended. Melanie hosted a few of our church members at Hillsong Waterloo where we got to see the band rehearsal and the pre-service meeting. Christian made us delicious cups of hot chocolate while Melanie hosted us and shared a few of her dreams after college.

Through Melanie, I understood that both of their plans is to go to Germany and help build the local church. With this choice, came doubts and fears. However, I wouldn't worry that those things will take this dynamic duo down. 

After learning that story, my heart was stirred to pray for this couple. Uncertainties might be the case today, but I believe that God will open doors and use these willing hearts to bless Germany.
Caught her sleeping sound on a train back home after 4 days of non-stop volunteering at the conference.
The volunteers had to be at the arena from 6 AM to 10 PM. Some days, they stayed even longer, yet every day, they served wholeheartedly. Thanks to every 4,400 volunteers who gave up their time and energy for God to speak through their selfless ministries.

Volunteers, you guys are definitely my conference highlight. 

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