This holiday season, I had only one wish. Which is to have a spiritual journey through my days in Australia. Oh boy, I was given more than what I asked.
Welcome home!
If you follow me on snapchat, you would notice that I have been enjoying Hillsong Conference 2016 a little too much. God spoke to me in various ways starting from the music, the sermons and even through the volunteers.

If you know me well, then you would know that I would be very bad at poker. When I am dealt with good cards, I wouldn’t be able to keep it to myself as I would be smiling from ear to ear and telling the world about it. The same thing happened throughout the week in Hillsong Conference. I kept on telling my friends how much of a life changing conference it has been.

Of course, the responses were great. Almost everyone I talked to have asked me to email them my complete sermon notes. They were quite unlucky because I have been taking notes on pen and paper (if you’ve seen my hand writing, you would be thankful for the inventions of keyboard).

Honestly, I wasn’t going to do anything about these notes other than reading it to myself. I was too lazy to type them one by one and I think photocopying my handwriting would actually torment people rather blessing them. Of course all of that lasted for a few days until I felt the urgent need to post some of the sermon notes in my blog this week.

I can tell it’s the Holy Spirit. Nobody else could have given me the urge to type these notes at 1 AM at a backpacking hostel room in Coogee Beach filled with snoring sounds of sleeping strangers and hippie music.

With that said, I present you a few of my Hilllsong Conference 2016’s sermon notes. If you want a complete version, please buy the resources online. These sermon notes aren’t added by my own understanding or even agenda. Although some parts are very personal to me, as I believe God speaks personally to me, I hope that you will still find it useful. I believe God would use your open heart as a medium for him to talk to you in the most personal way.

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