I didn't think that I would be able to write a story as encouraging as this from my recent trip to Singapore, but a sudden visit to National University Hospital changed it all.

Meet Daphne (@daphnelainelin), one of the strongest baby I've ever seen in my whole life.
Daphne and her rubber duck.
As the title said, Daphne has been living in and out the hospital for the last 11 months. It started with a reflux problem that caused her to vomit everything she consumed, including water. Soon enough, after she saw the sun for the first time, she was taken back to the hospital to be inserted tubes that will keep her full of nutrition without the need to digest her food. If you think that's bad, this was only a temporary measure that was taken before her surgery.

After a 6 hours long surgery, Daphne began to consume food for a little while until she started retching again. A few months later, Daphne condition took her to another surgery that lasted for 11 hours.

The tube that goes inside her that keeps her full of nutrition.
Her condition seemed to improve a lot for quite some time. Daphne was able to eat cereal and drink while her nutrition infusion was taken out. Things were looking great for Daphne until she caught a stomach flu that forced her to take the tubes again to keep her filled with nutrition. At this point of time, Daphne was 10 months old with a life crazier than a roller coaster ride.

When I came to the hospital, Daphne was thirsty, but she was only able to drink a few millimeters in every few hours. Before she was given her drink right on schedule, she kept on looking and reaching out for the jar of water nearby her bed.
Drinking time!
Daphne loves medicine because it is one of the sweetest liquids she had ever tasted.
My writing could have ended just like that, but it wouldn't because Daphne has one of the best parents ever: @juwtlin and @lauratania. We heard nothing but gratefulness and hope from them, not even a single complaint. Their prayers and smiles kept Daphne stronger than ever. Heck, it even put me to shame as I recall on my responses to personal struggles.

11 months is a long time, 11 months of uncertainties is even a longer time. I believe the family had their own ups and downs through the uncertainties they faced in the past 11 months. With that said, visit Daphne's Instagram and see nothing but encouraging words and bible verses that fuels Daphne's parents hope for a fully healed Daphne.

In a few weeks, Daphne would be 12 months old. I believe one of her birthday wish is to come back home, healthy and lively. Perhaps a short prayer from each of us could help to make it happen.
Get well soon Daphne!

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Unknown said...

She is indeed a strong baby girl with strong parents! Salute for three of them!

Demas Ryan said...

That's what I thought too! I was so encouraged by their story, hope you are too.