I am finally writing about Yarra Valley and Maroondah Park! At this point of time, I am not even writing things in sequence because I got so many more trips to cover. As of tonight, I am flying to Lombok to hike Rinjani in the spirit of independence day! I will try to update a post about Rinjani next week, which you don't want to miss. To keep yourself updated, leave your email in the subscribe box and I will send my posts right to your email. No hassle!

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The rain came and the sun sank slowly onto the hills, framing the green splendor of Maroondah Reservoir Park. As I continued my hike towards the top of a dam in the park, I watched the sky turned dark while my mind wandered a thousand miles away. 

You can truly be somewhere without having your presence in the present. 

Perhaps it was work and thesis that kept my head back in Jakarta. It didn't feel like I was supposed to be having fun in Australia while loads of projects are waiting to be finished back home. It didn't matter how pretty the sight was because my mind was in an imaginary office cubicle, worrying endlessly. 
On top of Maroondah Dam.
The trail to the top of the dam was very easy, but my mind was unease. I tried as much as possible to be in the present by taking photos and playing with my penny board, but I couldn't shook the feeling that I needed to be somewhere else in front of my laptop. That was until I reached the end of the dam, looked back and found one of the most beautiful rainbows I've ever seen in my whole life.
"The brightest rainbows comes after the darkest storms."
All of a sudden, there was a change in my perspective that put a smile on my face. Sometimes, all we need is a small reminder from God to be hopeful and to worry less because everything has its own timing. It wasn't my time to work, it was my time to explore and enjoy my getaway. 

Thanks to that little reminder, everything changed!

Made a hole on my jeans because of this.

It was more fun than it looks. Trust me.
From that point onward, my mood turned upside down and I had one of the most memorable days in Australia! After a few hours exploring Maroondah Reservoir Park with friends, we drove for another few hours to Hedgend Maze.

The name doesn't really explain the kind of fun you would get in this place. Hedgend Maze is a 20 acres park filled with engaging and playful activities such as mini golf, laser tag, labyrinth park and many more. With 25 bucks, you would get access to all of that for the whole day! Just like a kid, we were so caught up in this place, we ended up spending the the rest of our day in Hedgend Maze.
Mini golf, fun for all ages.
Getting lost in the labyrinth.

It was very much confusing.
 The Frisbee golf arena.
Laser sport time!
The laser guns.
Gun briefing from the instructor
They were the instructor's sons who took things seriously when it comes to defeating their mother in the sport.
After winning 2 laser sport games against another team of tourists, we ran back to our minivan because of the rain. Hungry, tired but satisfied were the mixed feelings that we had.

The day ended with a delicious dinner in Mabrown where we enjoyed its famous quail dishes. Mabrown has been known as the quail institution and their quails didn't disappoint. They are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. With tasty and spicy sauce that comes with it, their quails are definitely a standout!

The restaurant is quite hard to reach by public transportation. After a fun road trip, it is very much recommended to visit Mabrown and end the day with plates of quails and other delicious Asian cuisines.
Mabrown, Asian style restaurant.
I lost count of the number of quails I ate.
Believe it or not, that rainbow set my mood for the whole trip. I started looking at things from a better perspective and decided to make the most of my trip is Australia. Although now I'm back hustling in Jakarta, I am very much refreshed and focused than I was.

Thank you for the refreshing days Australia!
PS: wish me luck for my Rinjani hike throughout the week!

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