The best view comes after the hardest climb. Trust me, I climbed the Rinjani.
A foggy afternoon on the first day of hike.
That might sound very cheeky, but it's true. The view at the top is reserved only for those who push to the limit. However, I didn't know this before the climb. In fact, the very first day of my hike was super easy. It was literally a walk in the park.

Me and the team of @lintang.Indonesia started the hike from Sembalun, Lombok at 10.50 AM and ended the hike at 15.10 PM after reaching the third post. As written above, there was no hustle in day 1. The sun was scorching hot and the wind was strong, but the terrain was flat with a few ascending hills. 

With that kind of start, I didn't expect to see such amazing scenery all around. At times, I would stop walking, looked around and pinch myself to make sure that everything is not just a dream! These photos will never speak truthfully of the wonderful view that I had on the first day. If you have the time, Rinjani is a must visit, at least once in a lifetime.
A truck ride to the starting point.
Starting point.
Packed hiking route during the national holiday.
Hiking mate: @gersonhenry.
Hiking mate: @ameliadiwany.
Because a selfie on such beautiful scenery is a must.
At times, I would look back and discover better view after each step going up.
The valley of the shadows of death?
Up to the hills.
This is the 2nd post. At every post, you would meet friendly fellow climbers who would often cheer you on. Don't forget to smile and cheer some on the way.
During the hike, I always see foreigners wearing inappropriate hiking clothes. Maybe because Indonesia is such a tropical country.
Our porter, sitting on a trashy field. Why Indonesians? Why?
Lunch in the open.
I feel like I don't have that much time alone lately. This is why I miss Rinjani and my solitary moments up on the mountain.
That statement is very true. Even though the hike became very rough after the first day, there is something so addicting about mountain climbing that keeps you wanting for more. It's probably the blend of isolation, hardships and challenges. I can't really find the words to explain it, but I would definitely climb more mountains in the future.
A warm greeting from the horizon.
After arriving at the 3rd post, we quickly set up our tents, get our dinner settled and rested for the night. The day ended beautifully with a great view on the horizon. As if Rinjani skies were greeting us warmly before giving us dreading hikes on the next few days, which I will write about next week! 
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Unknown said...

Nice. There will be the second for me, one day. Awesome Rinjani!

Demas Ryan said...

you should! worth the second time!