Something felt wrong during my first day of hiking in Rinjani. It was too easy, much like an action movie plot where the hero smells a fishy trap after an easy fight. My hunch was proven correct when I encountered the hills of regret (bukit penyesalan) on day 2!

The day started out easy with a nice weather above us. The team of @lintang.indonesia woke up at around 8 while I woke up a little bit earlier to snap photos of what could be one of the most beautiful morning I've ever had. The morning temperature was low, but a cup of warm coffee gave me the kick that I needed. And so, I walked around the campsite with my flip flop to find a place to sit down and chill. I still remember the view and the feeling on that particular morning. It is very much different than the mornings I have back in Jakarta. Sigh.
Good morning from Rinjani!
It was such a gracious morning.
We had been warned about what was coming. There would be 7 hills of regrets until the summit and we would have to tackle 3 to 4 hills on that day. Based on my first day experience, I kept on thinking to myself, "How bad could it be?" 

It was 'Rebecca Black' bad. If the video clip of Friday urged you to vomit your breakfast, the hike pretty much did the same thing. 

I have no photos or video that can visually show you how bad it was, most probably because I was too tired to document everything. However, you can try to imagine walking up flights of stairs for 50 minutes non stop. That is only one out of the seven hills of regrets. With only a short flat land in between these hills, there were very limited spots for me to stop and catch my breath.

What compensated the pain were the clouds that covered the sun and the amazing view that struck me in awe. I remember feeling ashamed of boasting about myself while these beautiful creations boast about their Creator. Who am I to boast about myself?

Ain't as easy as it looks.
One of the hills of regrets.
Who am I to boast about myself?
The last pit stop before hiking another hill to the camp site.
Came the time when the last camp site was only a hill away. However, that hill was the hardest among the first 4 hills. It was filled with sands and rocks that slips you down after every few steps.

After almost 3 hours of walking up the hills of regret, I finally reached the campsite right on time for lunch. Actually, it is very possible for you to reach the last campsite before the summit in a day hike. That is if you're in a rush. However, that was not the case for us. I took so much of my free time enjoying the view on the campsite, knowing what kind of hell I would have to go through to be in that site again.
Lunch with a view! This is quite a luxury food when served thousands of meters above the sea.
I was taking every moment to enjoy the view. The yellow tent on the left was where I slept for 4 nights. At this site, it was facing one of the most beautiful view I've ever seen. Scroll down for more of those views.
The view from inside the tent: Gunung Agung, Bali.
The stars were lit as night approached.
Segara Anak Lake, a destination worth the pain. I will write more about it in the upcoming weeks.
These photos are from Plawangan, the last campsite before we hike to the summit on the upcoming dawn. You can say that the view from Plawangan was some sort of a soul therapy before the summit attack, where I took on the most physically challenging situation I've ever had. No kidding. More about it next week!

As of now, I will leave you with this campsite view photo that I took at 12 AM before I start the summit attack.
What a beautiful night before a disastrous summit attack.

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